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ADATA Premier Pro SP600 128GB SSD

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Verdict: Solid State Drives are becoming quite popular and thanks to the price decreases over the past year especially, they are becoming quite affordable for the average user. While the capacities still aren't equivalent to traditional mechanical storage, these drives are becoming larger at more affordable...
Pros: Decent performance, Afforable Entry-level drive, Reaches and exceeds manufacturers rated speeds, Broad compatibility, Value-added bundle
Cons: Slow write speeds when compared to other drives just above this price range, Average performance
7 years ago


Verdict: Over the last couple of years or so we've looked at many Solid State Drives that feature various technologies in the attempt to boost speed and performance, but we'll that bleeding edge tech also comes with a steep price tag more often than not.
Pros: Strong overall performance, great random and small file results, affordable, excellent accessory package
Cons: Availability a bit spotty, modest extra cost gets you something much better, tough competition in this price range
6 years ago

Received the wrong size, possibly due to Adata's quality control

Verdict: I ordered the 256Gb size SSD while it was on sale and instead I received the 128Gb size. I had to return it and subsequently miss out on the sale altogether. The manufacturer's box was mislabeled as the 256Gb, but the SSD clearly displayed "128Gb" on the front of the box.
1 year ago

Works great

Verdict: Snappy and a decent price, ideal for something like XBMC - I'm happy with the purchase, I'd recommend again; SSD's tend to be pretty pricey so I'm happy with the purchase and it came with screws!
6 years ago

Nice little devil

Verdict: Never expected this good of a drive. Lightning fast (7 seconds since post) with 8.1. Shuts down before you put the set the mouse next to the keyboard (3-4 seconds only). A real surprise, considering I bought it for the price. Didn't know much about ADATA. Now I do.
Pros: One of the fastest drives I've owned
Cons: Wish it was a bigger size. Not really a "con"
4 years ago

fastest drives

Verdict: purchased this ssd for especially for os. it works good and fast. Lowest boot time. very nice. But I have not received the 3.5" desktop coverter for fixing the ssd in my desk top.
Pros: Durable, Fast Connectivity, Quiet, Reliable
4 years ago

entry level SSD

Verdict: writing review after 8 month of usage and i can say entry level SSD. after 7th month it stopped working but got the replacement. over all it is good but if you have more budget the go for better one like Samsung.
2 years ago

Five Stars

Verdict: It's an SSD, it's cheap, it's fast... I don't know what you expect from a review
4 years ago
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