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Sennheiser CX 680i review

Verdict: Nothing says sport like yellow and the Sennheiser CX 680is are no exception to this rule. The EarFin design seems almost an afterthought but it does keep them in place and the sweat-resistant CX 680is are easy to fit, super-comfy and secure.
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July 2012

Sennheiser CX 680i Headphones

Verdict: Ever since my first iPad, I've been using Apple's traditional white earbuds. When I got the opportunity to take a look at Sennheiser's CX 680i Adidas Sport In-Ear Stereo Headphones, I suddenly realized what I've been missing all these years.
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January 2012

Sennheiser CX 680

Verdict: Not a replacement for your audiophile in-ears, but a fine perfect sporty alternative.
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August 2011

CX 680 Sports review

Pros: Good sound quality, ingenious ‘earfins' designed specifically for runners
Cons: Cables can get tangled, microphone only on CX 680i model
Verdict: Keeping in-ear headphones firmly in place can often be a bit of a problem, especially when you're working up a sweat, so the earpieces on the CX 680 can be fitted with a pair of flexible rubber ‘earfins' that fold inside the curve of your ear and help to keep them secure.
May 2011
Macworld UK

Verdict: Weighing in at just 14g these Sennheiser CX 680i Sports are lightweight and compact. The 1.2 metre cable is super thin but still manages to come with inline controls and microphone built-in, so it's perfect for use with your iPhone as well as your iPod.
April 2011

Verdict: Keeping in-ear headphones firmly in place can often be a bit of a problem, especially when you're working up a sweat, so the earpieces on the Sennheiser CX 680 Sports can be fitted with a pair of flexible rubber ‘earfins' that fold inside the curve of your ear and help to keep them secure.
March 2011
PC Advisor

Sennheiser CX 680 Sports

Pros: Excellent audio performance with strong bass response. Comfortable fit. Stays in place even during intense workouts. Waterproof, sweat-proof.
Cons: Some cable thump when running. Neon yellow color won't appeal to everyone.
Verdict: Gym-friendly earphones have typically been referred to as such because they either stay firmly in place or endure physical abuse without immediately dying. And in the past, Sennheiser has made respectable earbuds for exercise, but a new partnership with Adidas takes workout listening to a new level.
March 2011
PC Magazine

Verdict: The remote & mic are located at the neck split, and are encapsulated in a bit of black plastic. The controls themselves are a yellow bone-shaped bit of rubber. The top node is volume up, the bottom is volume down, and the space between them controls playback (one click to pause/unpause, two to...
December 2010

Review: Sennheiser-Adidas CX 680 Headphones

Verdict: I had the opportunity a few months ago to meet Jeff from Hummingbird Media, and had a great talk with him regarding the Sennheiser brand of headphones. I expressed an interest in checking them out, and was pleasantly surprised by the product.
May 2010


Verdict: Great Service by the vendor hats offf Superb I am highly impressed by the service the vendor has provided. Great
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November 2015

Still enjoying them 3 years on

Verdict: I bought these headphones 3 years ago and I am still using them 3 to 4 times a week for running and the gym. I have never had them fall out when running or exercising. I use them with my ipod shuffle so have never used the volume extension, only the shortened headphone cable and it works perfectly...
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April 2014

Want my money back!

Verdict: Bad distorted sound. when you touch or the ear piece moves in your ear, it makes a "popping" sound. Bad quality. Rubber pieces are thin and almost non existant. black ear holders are so flimsy they have no support and might as well not be there.
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April 2013


Verdict: For those who are wondering what the extra pricing is for, let me clarify the points: 1.The cable is of extremely high quality and has great tensile strength. It is also waterproof and 100% sweat and humidity resistant.
March 2013

Good Concept, Lacks Quality

Verdict: I liked these headphones well enough before the right earbud stopped working, but for this kind of money, other factors should be fined tuned. Factors such as: length of the headphone wire (either too long or too short), the heaviness of the volume control (when you run, the weight of the volume...
November 2012
Circuit City

Good while they lasted

Pros: These come with a good assortment of tools to customize the fit to your ear.
Cons: Casing to one of the earphones broke within 3 months of very light use.
Verdict: Volume control placement on the cord is very poorly designed. Should either be a bit lower or much higher. Weight of volume control can pull headphones out of ear if the wire isn't clipped to your shirt.
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October 2012

great sound for the gym rats!

Verdict: I lobe these buds. They are by far the best buds I have used in the gym. The amount of sweat and grime that goes through my workouts and they are still going strong. Very durable. Sound has great bass, defined highs and lows.
October 2012

Pros: Light, secure, good bass, iPod controls
Cons: cheap material, plastic break after 6 months of use
Verdict: I bought this pair of headset from Amazon earlier this year. The sound quality is very impressive just as advertised (energetic sounding). After a few months of use, the headphone began to fall apart. First was the rounded rubber. Then the plastic part broke, which can be quite annoying sometimes.
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December 2011

Quality Sport Headphones

Pros: Sound quality, sport design
Cons: Nothing
Verdict: These are great for working out or just about any activity, even traveling. Noise canceling feature and audio quality is very good, as you would expect from Sennheiser. Very balanced, with good bass. The ear fins make these impossible to fall out. Well designed product. Would highly recommend.
April 2011

Wow..!! Spectacular !

Pros: Comfortable, Compact, Durable, Good Bass, Good Value, Great Sound, Lightweight, Stylish
Cons: Cord Too Short, Without the volume contro
Verdict: if you run and want an incredible pair of earphones look no further i am an avid runner and have been searching for a long time these sennheier cx 680 hit it out of the park high quality all the way around the sound is astonishing and they dont move once placed in the ear wow how amazing is that buy
April 2010

Fixes one issue but causes another

Verdict: Amazon Verified Purchase ( What's this? ) I decided to upgrade to the CX680s after using a pair of CX380s for the last 6 months. The 380s were pretty good but didn't always stay in place during my workouts. The good news with the CX680s is the ear fin technology works really well.
March 2010
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