RaboDirect RaboSaver Children's

Maximum Interest Rate
Maximum interest earned on your deposit, and is the sum of the standard interest rate plus the bonus interest rate.
Standard Interest Rate
The normal interest rate earned on your deposit excluding any bonus rate.
Bonus Interest Rate
Extra interest earned if you meet the criteria.
Monthly Fee$0.00
Your Deposit
The amount of money you plan to deposit into your savings account.
Your Interest (Month 1)
The amount earned the first month with bonus included.

Banking with RaboDirect is a great way for kids to learn about savings and investing, as well as helping save for things like university and their first house deposit.

Account Access
Internet Banking
Phone Banking
ATM Access
Branch Access
Requires linked account
Withdrawal penalty
Monthly Fee $0.00
Withdrawal Fee $0.00
Phone Transaction Fee -
Internet Transaction Fee -
ATM Fee -
ATM Other Bank Fee -
Cheque Fee -
Overseas Access Fee -
Text Alert Fee -
Email Alert Fee $0.00
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RaboDirect RaboSaver Children's Savings Account Info

RaboSaver Children's is a savings account offered by RaboDirect to consumers in New Zealand that are looking for a safe and reliable account that also yields interest. You find information regarding RaboSaver Children's rates, fees, accessibility, withdrawal restrictions and features above. The RaboDirect RaboSaver Children's maximum rate includes the bonus rate. Please check the requirements and terms for obtaining the bonus rate (if available). You can compare RaboDirect savings accounts rates and fees, and apply online when you have found an account that fit your needs. RaboDirect is a financial provider in New Zealand that offers account services in New Zealand.

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