Kiwibank Term deposits

Interest Rate:3.05%
Minimum Deposit:$5,000
Maximum Deposit:$5,000,000
Monthly Service Fee:$0
Your Deposit:$5,000
Your Term:6 months
When you invest for 1 year or longer you can choose to have your interest paid monthly or quarterly into any New Zealand bank account.When your term ends, we'll reinvest or transfer your money depending on your instructions. You can change your maturity instructions as many times as you like during the investment term.
Credit Calculation
The frequency the interest is calculated and accumulated.
at Maturity, ie simple interest
Payout Calculation
How often earned interest is paid out and deposited into your account.
at Maturity, ie simple interest
Automatic Rollover
New period automatically starts unless you say 'stop'.
Maturity Alerts
Partial Withdrawal Without Penalty
Setup Fee $0.00
Monthly Service Fee $0.00
Early Withdrawal Fee $0.00
Term Interest Rate
1 month 0.40%
2 months 1.15%
3 months 2.55%
4 months 2.65%
5 months 2.70%
6 months 3.05%
9 months 3.10%
12 months 3.10%
24 months 2.95%
36 months 3.00%
48 months 3.05%
60 months 3.10%
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Kiwibank Term deposits Term Deposits Info

Kiwibank Term deposits is a term deposit offered to Kiwis that want to grow their savings at a high interest rate. Your deposit is locked for the chosen term period, and in return you'll receive a higher interest rate compared to an ordinary savings account. Kiwibank offers term deposits and other financial services to the New Zealand public. The credit ratings of the various providers listed on the site vary and therefore also the risk of your investment.

PriceMe updates interest rates daily and strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information about rates and fees. This information is provided by the providers and PriceMe takes no responsibility for any errors and inaccuracies. Please always confirm the rates and fees with the banks and financial firms prior to applying for a term deposit.