First Mortgage Trust Residential

Interest Rate:7.25%
Max Loan to Value Ratio (LVR):75%
Max LVR with Equity Premium:-
Minimum Deposit:$50,000
Loan Term:Up to 25 years
Your Loan Amount:$200,000
Your Term:15 years
Initial Monthly Repayment:$1,826

About This Loan

You make payments each month during the term of the loan that cover the interest and reduce the principal balance by an ever increasing amount. The amount payable each month may change as interest rates change during the term of the loan. Although our loans are for a maximum of 4 years (usually renewable), repayments may be calculated over a period of up to 25 years.

More Details About This Loan
Application Fee Fixed
Extra Repayments Allowed
Extra Repayment Holiday
Interest Only Option
Fortnightly Repayment Allowed
Redraw Facility Available
Loan Is Portable
Fees You're Likely to Pay
Application Fee -
Valuation Fee -
Settlement Fee -
Legal Fee -
Service Fee -
Rollover/Re-fix Fee -
Top Up Fee -
Re-documentation Fee -
Extra Repayments Fee -
Missed Loan Repayment Fee -
Portability Fee -
Default Notice Fee -
Other Upfront Fees -
Interest Rate
Term Interest Rate
Variable 7.25 %
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