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Mini Fridges Buying Guide

A mini fridge is a space saving appliance for smaller living areas, or a handy second fridge in family homes. Here's what you need to know to get big value from your mini fridge! 

Check The Efficiency

A mini fridge might be small but that doesn't mean it is automatically an energy-efficient money saver. Because their reduced size can limit the amount of insulation, some models need boosts of energy to keep them properly cool. So, shop for a mini fridge like you would a full-sized appliance, and check its energy efficiency.

Maximise The Space

Obviously, a mini fridge offers limited space, but a way to create extra room is to remove a shelf from time to time. With this in mind, check the mini fridge you're after actually has adjustable shelving.  

What's It For?

Some mini fridges are better than others in terms of overall performance, so you can pay a little less for a basic model that will just cool down drinks and snacks, or pay a little more for one that will keep perishables properly stored over a longer period of time. The key to this is the temperature range - the wider the range, the better the fridge for storing perishable items.

Measure The Space

A mini fridge might be a mini fridge, but you still need to ensure there is enough space for it. Some fridges require more ventilation room around the sides and the back than other fridges, so if things are REALLY tight ask for models that need minimum ventilation space.

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