iPhone 6 Plus 64GB Reviews

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Verdict: The refurbished phone I received had a definite warped bend in it. I was very disappointed because I thought Target would have a fairly high standard for their refurbished phones. We returned it at our local store easily for a full refund.
2 years ago


Verdict: So, as much as I like the iPhone I can't believe how it deformed over the time of only 3 weeks. I had it in my back pocket (yes you know where this is going) while driving and since it's cold here in Winnipeg I always have the heated seats on at second lowest setting.
4 years ago

Seller ULTIMATEDEALS4U LTD. - Shockingly bad

Verdict: Seller ULTIMATEDEALS4U LTD. Rating: Shockingly bad! I would like to say – Shockingly bad. After 17 days I managed to speak with this guy as he had previously lied to my wife. He promised the phone within a further 2-3 day and when phone did'nt arrive he was uncontactable.
4 years ago
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