There are many good deals to be found for Easter as many retailers start to prepare for the winter season. You can find many deals and discounts so it's worth shopping around.

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Easter Shopping Guide

Buying for Easter used to be as easy as purchasing a few chocolate eggs and hot cross buns. But in today's world of dairy-free, gluten-free and sugar-free, much of that has changed. Besides, the push from traditional to modern has also seen a move away from old-fashioned Easter shopping. So, what should you be looking out for when shopping for Easter?

Choosing non-choc treats: For reasons of taste, or dietary restrictions, chocolate is off the menu for some. Thankfully, many retailers now stock a range of dairy-free and sugar-free eggs, which is great if you have kids to spoil, while a Google search for vegan friendly choc-like goodies will come up with surprising results. But as these products are made in limited quantities, start shopping for them now.

The hot tip on buns: When you're shopping for hot cross buns, look for ones that contain more than just raisins! Currants, sultanas and citrus peel should also be in there. The spices should include cinnamon and nutmeg for a traditional taste. Gluten-free and fruitless buns are available, but like the non-chocolate treats, they're limited and do sell quickly.

Keeping it traditional: To keep it traditional, eat fish on Good Friday and roast lamb on Easter Sunday. Hot cross buns are usually eaten on Good Friday and Easter eggs are gifted on the Sunday.

Check the trading laws: Easter trading hours have been relaxed, but depending on where you live, the Local Shop Trading Hours Policy might still see lots of shops in your town remain closed. Our advice is to do your shopping as soon as you can, just in case retailers shut their doors for the entire Easter period, and call your local council to check how the Local Shop Trading Hours Policy works in your area.

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