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Earphones Buying Guide

A small pair of earphones can produce a big sound. It's amazing what these little devices can achieve in an audio sense - and just as amazing how many earphones there are for you to choose from.

All Sorts Of Sounds

How do you like your music? Bass heavy? Maybe a relaxed level of treble? Or do you prefer real balance, where no particular part of the sound spectrum dominates another? Your audio preferences are catered for in an ever-growing range of earphones, so if you're patient enough to do some research on all the options, you'll find earphones that will satisfy your individual desires.

Quality Audio

You can't expect audio of the same quality as you'd expect in larger headphones, but you'll still be blown away by what you hear in top-of-the-line earphones. There's no need to settle for thin, tinny sound when models such as Beats by Dr Dre or Bose Soundsport can deliver fantastic sound. As you'd expect, higher quality means higher prices but if you're a music buff, the investment is well worth it. On the other hand, if your main source of listening pleasure is things like podcasts, where audio quality is not quite as important, then a cheaper pair will be perfectly sufficient, just as long as they're comfortable to wear.

Specialised In Best

Specialised earphones give you a much better listening experience than the ones you might have received with your smartphone, or iPod or any other type of music player. Don't make the mistake of thinking that the earphones you got with your phone are as good as it gets - it's not! Upgrade to specialised earphones and you'll definitely be able to tell the difference.

Keeping Them Where They Should Be

Most of us buy earphones to listen to our favourite music while we're doing something active. If that's you, then look for earphones that feature an ear-hook or a neck-loop to keep them in place while you're working out or exercising, or doing anything a little up-tempo. Some earphones, most notably Apple AirPods, are wireless and give you an extra feeling of freedom when you're being active.

Comfort And The Beat

Listening to your favourite beats all day long means you want earphones that feel comfortable and unobtrusive. Look for gel or foam earbuds - they're generally easier on the ear.

For Long Lasting Sound

If you're used to using cheap earphones, you're probably also used to having to replace them on a regular basis. This is because standard earphones can be quite fragile and the connecting wires can become loose, and useless, fairly easily. Investing in some decent earphones means you're also buying superior construction, design and materials, which combine to make the earphones much stronger and longer lasting. For all that, earphones still need to be treated with care when you handle them, and yanking them out of your ears when you've finished using them is a no-no! By treating them with some TLC, your new earphones will repay you with years of great audio.

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