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Desks Buying Guide

Buying a desk? Here's a guide to choosing a perfectly functional workspace.

A Solid Workspace

Stability is important, especially if you're using a valuable piece of technology on your desk. A well designed and constructed desk might cost a little more, but knowing your computer is not going to topple over any time soon is worth the investment.

How Does It Measure Up?

It's a good idea to measure up the space you work in, especially if you're after a bigger desk than your existing one. Allow one metre in front of the desk so you can sit at it in comfort. Also, make sure the height of the desk will allow a computer's monitor to be at eye level.

A Cool, Uncluttered Desk

Save a lot of clutter when buying a computer desk by looking at one with a draw for the keyboard, as well as places to hide away messy cables. This can leave you with a pleasing, uncluttered desk, and extra space for you to work in.

A Professional Image

A well-presented office can make a very positive impression on clients. While you should be mindful of functionality when choosing a desk, you should keep one eye on how it looks as well, particularly in terms of matching existing decor.

Use The Corner

If office space is limited, but you still need a decent amount of workspace on your desk, check out ones that are designed to fit into corners. Corners can offer a lot of usually unused space!

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