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Cribs, Cots & Bassinets Buying Guide

Cribs, cots and bassinets are an important part of every nursery. What should you look for when making this crucial purchase?

A Bassinet Or A Cot?

The decision usually comes down to how much space you have. A bassinet takes up less space than a cot, which means you can keep baby in your bedroom during those vital first months.

Deep is Meaningful

Always make sure that the crib, cot or bassinet is deep enough to prevent baby from falling out. They don't take long to be adventurous and mobile, so the depth measurement is vitally important.

A Safe Haven For Baby

Whether it's a crib, a cot, or a bassinet, good construction and quality materials are your highest priorities. Only buy from reputable retailers with a reputation for selling well-manufactured items.

A Trap-Free Zone

Look out for anything that could trap your baby's head, fingers, or limbs. In particular, some of the more playful and creative cribs, cots and bassinets, featuring built-in toys or hanging mobiles, should be carefully checked.

Mobile Is Good, But Check The Brakes

Wheels on a cot can make it much easier for you to move it around, but ensure there are effective brakes on at least two of the wheels.

A Clean And Healthy Environment

Little people will make a big mess! All sorts of leaks and bodily functions will happen within that crib, cot, or bassinet, so whatever you buy, make sure that surfaces are easily washable, and that any fabrics can be simply removed and cleaned.

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