Which major supermarket has the cheapest groceries?

Which major supermarket has the cheapest groceries?

Gavin Male

Posted on 30/06/2023

In today's conversations, it's nearly impossible to avoid discussing the escalating cost of living. Kiwis are grappling with high inflation, surging mortgage rates, and an impending recession, all of which are taking a toll on their bank accounts. The impact is being felt across the board, with people experiencing the strain firsthand.

One area of great concern amidst rising prices is the cost of food. Recent data from Statistics New Zealand reveals a staggering 12.1 percent increase in grocery prices from May last year to the same month this year. This surge has been primarily driven by a remarkable 18.4 percent rise in fruit and vegetable prices during the same period. A study conducted in March identified soaring food prices as the second most significant financial worry for New Zealanders, with mortgage payments taking the top spot, followed by concerns about food and rent.

Amidst these circumstances, finding ways to save money on groceries has become crucial. To shed light on the matter, Newshub conducted a test to identify the stores offering the cheapest groceries (see the original article here). The test involved comparing the prices of staple ingredients online, including major supermarkets and The Warehouse, which has been making efforts to expand its grocery offerings.

For the purpose of the comparison, prices were gathered from supermarkets located in Mangere and Papatoetoe, situated in South Auckland. The selected items included bread, pasta, rice, coffee, milk, mince, mandarins, toilet paper, butter, carrots, and eggs. The prices mentioned are accurate as of June 28 2023.

Is Countdown a cheap supermarket?

Countdown emerged as the most cost-effective option for several items. The cheapest bread was a 600-gram bag of Essentials brand sliced white bread, priced at $1.30. Similarly, Essentials proved to be the most affordable choice for pasta, with 500 grams of spaghetti available for $1.50, and rice, with a 1kg bag of long-grain white rice priced at $2.40. Countdown's Special Blend powdered instant coffee was the cheapest option at $2.20 for a 90-gram bag. For milk, Countdown's own brand standard, lite, and trim milks were all priced at $2.52 for a 1-litre bottle. The cheapest mince available was 1kg of NZ beef mince for $16.90, while a 1kg Odd Bunch bag of mandarins cost $4.80. Essentials toilet paper offered the best value with a 4-pack priced at $1.70. When it came to butter, Essentials once again had the most affordable option, offering a 500-gram tub of margarine for $2.20. A 6-pack of Farmer Brown colony size 8 eggs was available for $4.90, while a 1.5kg Odd Bunch bag of carrots cost $2.80, and loose carrots were priced at $3.20 per kilogram.

Doesn't New World cost LOADS?

New World also had competitive prices for certain items. Their cheapest bread was a 600-gram bag of Value white toast, available for $1.49. Value brand also provided the most affordable options for pasta, with 500 grams of spaghetti costing $2.09, and rice, with a 1kg bag of white long grain rice priced at $2.09. For coffee, New World's 90-gram bag of Value brand was available at $2.79. Their cheapest 1-litre bottle of milk was Anchor Zero Lacto Blue, priced at $4.75, while NZ beef prime mince was the most affordable at $19.99 per kilogram. Mandarins were priced at $5.99 per kilogram. The cheapest toilet paper was a 4-pack of Value brand 2-ply toilet paper, available for $1.79, and Value table spread offered the most economical butter option at $1.99 for a tub. A 12-pack of Morning Harvest colony size 6 eggs was priced at $6.98, and carrots were available for $3.29 per kilogram.

Pak n Save is surely the cheapest?

At PAK'nSAVE, the cheapest bread option was the Value brand's 600-gram bag, priced at just $1.19. PAK'nSAVE also offered the most affordable pasta and rice, with a 500-gram bag of spaghetti priced at $1.29, and a 1kg bag of long-grain white rice costing $1.99. Pam smooth roast powdered coffee was the cheapest coffee option at PAK'nSAVE, priced at $1.99 for a 100-gram bag. Anchor Zero Lacto Blue remained the most affordable milk option, but it was priced slightly higher at $3.99. The cheapest mince available was NZ beef mince at $14.49 per kilogram, while mandarins were priced at $5.99 per kilogram. Pams 3-ply white toilet tissue offered the cheapest toilet paper at $1.79 for a 4-pack, and a 500-gram tub of Value table spread was available for $1.59. A 12-pack of Farmer Brown fresh colony size 6 eggs was priced at $6.98, and carrots were available for $3.29 per kilogram.

The Warehouse Groceries offer staples at a good price

Although The Warehouse has a limited range of products in the grocery sector, they did provide some affordable options. The cheapest bread available was a 600-gram bag of RiverMill white toast, priced at $1.30. Biondi spaghetti was the most affordable pasta option, available for $2 for 500 grams. The only rice available at The Warehouse was a 5kg bag of Market Kitchen long grain white rice, priced at $10. For coffee, a 10-pack of Mokate Gold Premium Cappuccino chocolate sachets was the cheapest option at $1.97. Gregg's special blend powder coffee, available in a 90-gram bag, was priced at $3. The Warehouse offered the most economical 1-litre bottle of milk with Meadow Fresh Lite priced at $1.97. However, The Warehouse did not have 4-packs of toilet paper, but a single 400-sheet roll was available for $1.50, or a 12-pack of Necessities brand toilet tissue was priced at $4. The cheapest butter option at The Warehouse was 500 grams of Meadowlea margarine spread, available for $3.30.

As Kiwis navigate the challenges of rising prices and a looming recession, finding the most affordable grocery options can help ease the financial burden. By making informed choices and exploring the different offerings at various stores, individuals can better manage their expenses in these trying times.

If you are interested in comparing grocery prices near you please consider FoodMe as an option for research.  The site is in further development but can still provide very helpful information to make an informed choice on your grocery shopping.

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