Top Nutri Ninja Blenders

Healthy juices and drinks keep growing in popularity. A convenient way of preparing these healthy liquids  while maximising their nutritional values are to use a powerful type of “extraction” blender. Nutri Ninja is one of the market leaders in this segment and a very popular brand in New Zealand. Here’s a closer look at some of the hottest Nutri Ninja blenders in the market.

Nutri Ninja Pro

Leading the pack is the Pro blender that was released at the end of 2014. It’s powered by a 900 Watt strong motor that drives the extractor blades. The Pro model is powerful enough to crush most ingredients including vegetables, fruits and seeds in less than 20 seconds thereby producing a fine consistency drink with maximum nutritional value.

Nutri Ninja Pro BL450 comes with two cups. The large 24-oz family-sized cup and the somewhat smaller 18-oz cup.


The two models Nutri Ninja Slim QB3001NZ and QB3000 launched in the NZ market in February 2015. Slim is a smaller-sized blender suitable for a small household or singles (1-2 people). It also contains fewer pieces than the Pro model and, therefore, retails at as low as $80.

It blends really fast and most ingredients are crushed after only five seconds.


Auto-IQ is a technology that adds intelligence to the blending experience. An easy-to-use display panel enables the user to manage the blending cycle including pulsing and pause. Auto-IQ is capable of creating sophisticated drinks like cocktails and salsas.

Two Auto-IQ models are currently sold in New Zealand: BL480IQ and BL682IQ.

Duo with Auto-IQ

The Duo with Auto-IQ series combines high-performance features with intelligence. It features 5 cycle programmes compared to only 2 for the non-Duo series.

The BL642 Duo IQ model, as well as the BL641 one, are available in the local market. The BL642 DUO IQ’s motor produces 1,500 Watts and is able to crush really hard ingredients like ice while the BL641 is slightly less powerful at 1,300 Watt. A feature that sets the Duo series apart from other Nutri Ninja blenders is the silicon sleeves.

System with Auto-IQ

The system model offers the complete package and resembles the Duo with Auto-IQ series in terms of performance. The model NBL682IQ is rather pricey at about $350 but does offer a lot of flexibility and functionality. The system contains chopping and dough blades as well as a food processor bowl.

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