Tips When Buying a New Lawnmower

Tips When Buying a New Lawnmower

Lawnmowers: you see, hear and occasionally also smell them everywhere during the summer. There are many different options for consumers planning to purchase a new lawnmower. As usual, it comes down to your mowing needs, budget and personal preference.

Mowing needs

Lawn size

How large is the area that needs cutting? Is it a small lawn that can be handled with a hand mower or a robotic mower? Or is it a large lawn that requires a petrol-driven or even a ride-on mower?


How many times per month do you typically mow the lawn? A petrol-driven lawnmower might be your best bet if you let the grass grow for a while and don’t mow that frequently. It’s recommended that you mow at least fortnightly during the summer, preferably once a week.


Some people want their lawn to resemble Wimbledon’s centre court and require a really clean cut. Others just want to avoid a jungle in front of their house. The esthetic requirements do affect your choice of lawnmower.

Type of lawn mowers

Hand mowers

Handmower lawn mower

Still a viable, healthy, safe and environmentally friendly option. Your father and grandfather most likely pushed one of these in their youths. You need to keep the blades sharp and aligned for a smooth cut. It’s therefore recommended that you visit your local mower store once a year for resharpening of the blades and adjustments.

Reliable and easy-to-use hand mowers retail between $70-$80.

Petrol-driven lawnmower

Petrol lawn mower

This is probably the most common lawnmower type in New Zealand. It’s a powerful mower that can handle long or wet grass. It’s also efficient and has a wide cut. The drawbacks are obvious: it pollutes, smells and the petrol consumption could make lawn mowing expensive. Besides, storing the petrol could be hazardous.

Battery and electricity-driven lawnmower

Easier to manoeuvre than it’s petrol driven sibling due to its reduced weight.

Robotic mowers

Robotic lawn mower

The robotic mowers were introduced a few years ago and immediately struck a chord with Kiwis. They are ideal for small to medium lawns that are relatively easy to mow. Automower is another name for a robotic mower.

Ride Ons

Ride on lawn mower

The preferred options for owners of large lawns and professional mowers. There’s a large spread in price and performance among ride-ons. The low-end ones retail for about $2,500 – $3,500 in NZ while the most expensive, high-end Husqvarna ride-ons cost about $30,000.

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