The 4 Benefits of a Heat Pump

The 4 Benefits of a Heat Pump

Emma Jackson

Posted on 30/05/2024

There are an array of heater options available in New Zealand, such as electric heaters, fan heaters, and gas heaters. However, many would recommend choosing a heat pump for your warming needs this winter. And as winter beds down in Aotearoa, you may be needing to get the household sorted with a new source of warmth. 

If that is you, we have put together a list of the top 4 benefits of a heat pump, for you to consider, before you decide which type of heating system to purchase. 

1. Low Running Costs

While heat pumps can come with higher upfront costs including the price of purchasing the unit and getting it installed by a licensed electrician, heat pumps are the lowest cost option for heating homes in New Zealand. They can cost a third of what it takes to run a gas heater, for example. They are a great way to stay warm, while saving money on your electricity bill this winter. 

2. Quick Heating

This winter is already looking to be an icy one. You don’t want to wait ages, shivering, for your heater to warm the room. Heat pumps are great at heating rooms quickly and can be controlled with the simple press of a button, or can be automated with a timer, ensuring you stay cosy on cold winter mornings and nights.

3. Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient

Heat pumps are highly efficient heating systems, which means they use less energy to warm your home. Because of this, they are a great eco-friendly alternative to other heaters because they will help minimise your carbon footprint, while still ensuring you stay warm. 

4. Multi-Use Units

Heat pumps are amazing in the winter at keeping you warm and cosy, but they can also keep you cool during the blazing New Zealand summers. They can also be used to just heat one room, or multiple rooms if you have a ducted system installed, which can help distribute heat throughout the home. 

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