Sony Z9G Features 8K Resolution

Welcome to 8K resolution, as seen in mind-blowing fashion on Sony’s Z9G TV. 85 or 98 inches of “got to see it to believe it” vision. So big, so lifelike, and so vivid, you’ll wonder how you’ll live life without one. Sony certainly hopes you’ll feel that way after experiencing the Z9G, even when many of us have yet to encounter 4K TV let alone 8K!

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Samsung Fridges and Freezers Receive Bixby Assistant

The second generation of Samsung’s AI assistant Bixby will be integrated into various smart home products that the company sell. Samsung fridges, freezers and also TVs will soon get a lot smarter and talkative due to Bixby 2.0 support.

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Apple TV 4K Launches in New Zealand

Apple TV 4K is available in New Zealand at a reasonable price starting at $299. It’s capable of streaming content in 4K format and supports HDR. The question is whether it’s worthwhile purchasing this media player for your home? Let’s have a closer look.

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Sony ZD9 TV – Redefining Brightness

Sony’s new ultra-bright flagship TV ZD9 is available in three different screen sizes: 65, 75 and 100-inch. The new Backlight Master Drive technology enables Sony ZD9 to display objects with incredible brightness and contrast. Each lamp is controlled separately and can, therefore, optimise focus and intensity. Continue reading “Sony ZD9 TV – Redefining Brightness”

New Roku Streaming Stick Released

Roku has released a new version of its popular streaming stick that replaces the 2014 version. It’s a pocket-sized device used for streaming online content like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube to a large TV screen or LCD monitor. NZ specific content from Lightbox or Neon isn’t supported. Note that access to full Netflix and Hulu content requires a foreign DNS setting in your router. Continue reading “New Roku Streaming Stick Released”