Oneplus 5 Targets Top DxO Mark

Vleaks have published leaked images of Oneplus’ next flagship phone Oneplus 5. The Chinese tech firm has partnered with the company DxO for the development of the dual cameras. Oneplus has confirmed a released of the new phone this winter and a new referral programme is already available online. Continue reading “Oneplus 5 Targets Top DxO Mark”

Oneplus 4 – Coming This Winter

Oneplus has just released an upgraded model of the popular Oneplus 3 phone named 3T and there’s more to come. New information about Oneplus’ next generation of smartphones has already surfaced. Oneplus 4 will be announced in December with an official launch mid-next year. Continue reading “Oneplus 4 – Coming This Winter”

OnePlus 3T – Faster Processor & Android 7 Nougat

OnePlus, the popular maker of high-value phones, will announce an upgraded model of OnePlus 3 on November 15. The new phone is called OnePlus 3T and comes with more powerful hardware and the latest Android 7 Nougat operating system. Continue reading “OnePlus 3T – Faster Processor & Android 7 Nougat”

OnePlus 3 Upgrades After Feedback From Users

OnePlus 3  launched last month and the feedback so far has overall been good. However, OnePlus’ active community has been very vocal about two particular issues: OnePlus 3’s aggressive memory management and its unnatural colour profiles used on its AMOLED screen. The company has rectified these issues and is now releasing an upgraded version. Continue reading “OnePlus 3 Upgrades After Feedback From Users”

Oneplus 3 Release Scheduled This Winter

The Chinese mobile phone maker Oneplus has been successful in the New Zealand market. Its powerful phones and high features to cost ratio have generated impressive sales worldwide. Oneplus has launched three phones so far during its brief 3-year history. The fourth one named Oneplus 3 is scheduled for release in June. Continue reading “Oneplus 3 Release Scheduled This Winter”