LG G6 Plus Released in South-Korea

A new version of LG’s top line phone LG G6 has been released. The new LG G6 Plus offers a few new features compared to the predecessor and comes in several new colours. However, its size is neither larger nor does it boast more powerful hardware despite being named a “Plus” version. Continue reading “LG G6 Plus Released in South-Korea”

LG G6 Rids Modular Design

LG G5 was one of the first phones with a modular design allowing add-ons to be attached to the phone. This new design, however, didn’t excite consumers enough and sales of add-on modules have been low. The successor LG G6, therefore, ditches the modular design in favour of a more traditional one. This change in strategy is likely to upset G5 owners as well as add-on partners. Continue reading “LG G6 Rids Modular Design”