Summer 2024 Road Trip Essentials

Summer 2024 Road Trip Essentials

Emma Jackson

Posted on 19/01/2024

New Zealand is simply spoiled for unparalleled scenery. Sweeping coastlines, and vibrant green rolling hills. Tight-knit forests teeming with unique birdsong and dramatic mountain ranges featuring sheer cliffs. Road trips are a part of New Zealand culture and life. Locals and international tourists alike just love jumping in the car, and making the journey through New Zealand’s diverse lineup of landscapes. 

To ensure you make the most of your road trip and best prepare, we have curated a list of the top New Zealand summer road trip essentials. 

Picnic Basket

Pack yummy and nutritious snacks and meals so you can save money on eating out. There is nothing like unloading a selection of treats and lunch items as you perch by the beach or at the crest of a mountain range trail. Some picnic baskets come insulated, and others come with utensils and plates. All of these variations will simply elevate your road trip experience.

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First Aid Kit

Not many adventurers return home entirely unscathed. Be ready to tend to cuts, scraps and bumps with a compact yet reliable first aid kid. Store this in the boot of the car, out of the sun, so that you can pull it out whenever it’s needed. Pop in some over the counter pain medication for headaches and even some anti-nausea medication to stave off that pesky car-sickness.

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Car Chargers

Pop a couple of car chargers into the dash storage. You will be thankful to have them on hand when you are spending long hours in the car. It’s the perfect time to charge your device, ready to go when you arrive at your destination. 

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There is nothing like sleeping beneath the cosmos. But many of us prefer to have that extra layer of protection from the elements with a trusty tent. These are often compact enough to pack into the car boot without taking up too much space, and are a great, cheap way to get a night’s rest after a day exploring our backyard. Don’t forget to bring one!

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Chilly Bin

Keep soda cans, other beverages and cold snacks cool and ready to drink with a handy chilly bin. Chuck in a couple of ice packs, pack it with your goodies, and you are set for several hours to an entire day. These are great for road trip snacking and sipping. They are also great to bring onto the beach.

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Beach Umbrella

You do not want to rock up to the beach without a spot of shade. Sure, there may be blooming Pohutukawa trees that offer respite, but you may want to situate yourself on the sand, or the shady spots may have already been claimed by other flocks of holidayers. Be prepared and sun-safe by bringing a beach umbrella. 

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Reusable Water Bottle

Save your money on buying water bottles at gas station stops and include reusable water bottles into your packing list. Fill them up before you leave so that you can stay hydrated on the road. Don’t know how to choose the right bottle?

Check Out Our Reusable Water Bottle Buying Guide


Sure, you’ll be out in the wilderness, enjoying salt air and sunscreen skin. But the people you come into contact with throughout the trip will be appreciative of you keeping fresh. Pack body wash, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant and toothpaste. You’ll feel better if you refresh at the end of the day too! Consider packing a couple of toilet paper rolls in case you run into a destination with a lack of supplies. Pack your personal care items into a toiletries bag, so that you can keep organised and easily access it whenever you need. 

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Portable Stove or BBQ

Perfect for those wishing to cook in the great outdoors. Whip up tasty and refuelling meals to enjoy with your family and friends after a day exploring. Cooking your own meals is a great way to keep to budget and eat nutritious meals.

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Super Summer Tip: Sunscreen

This may seem obvious, but there are too many kiwis who simply forget to put it on. New Zealand is notorious for having the highest rates of skin cancer and the highest UV ratings in the world. Protect yourself and your family by always applying quality (ideally spf 50) sunscreen in the morning, and applying throughout the day. Make sure the product you choose covers UVA and UVB rays. Cover up and wear a hat!

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