Sony Z9G Features 8K Resolution

Welcome to 8K resolution, as seen in mind-blowing fashion on Sony’s Z9G TV. 85 or 98 inches of “got to see it to believe it” vision. So big, so lifelike, and so vivid, you’ll wonder how you’ll live life without one. Sony certainly hopes you’ll feel that way after experiencing the Z9G, even when many of us have yet to encounter 4K TV let alone 8K!

Much of the credit goes to Sony’s X1 Ultimate processor which delivers phenomenal detail, colour and brightness without skipping a beat. Early watchers of the Sony Z9G have said they’re not seeing television pictures… they’re seeing real life. Depth, dimension and dynamism combine to create that illusion of realness, where each and every pixel delivers eye-popping detail in the foreground and background.

Audio experience

For all the visual genius on display, the Sony Z9G gives you an unrivalled audio experience as well. The cinematic quality of the picture, not to mention the size of the screen, needs great sound to back it up. The Z9G achieves this with four forward facing speakers: two at the top and two at the bottom. With this set up, sound comes from where the picture comes from, which might seem obvious but is something that is not always achieved in other models. The sound output is very impressive and can be enhanced further by the addition of an external sound system.


All in all, the Sony Z9G 8K television is more than a novelty. While 8K seems like a futuristic concept, Sony has already harnessed its considerable power and created that will have you glued to its massive screen the second you see it.

Check out Sony’s site for a detailed view of the technical specs.

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