Sony Announces New SLW-M Internal SSD Series

Sony Announces New SLW-M Internal SSD Series

Sony just announced a new product range of internal SSD drives. The new SLW-M series targets laptop and PC users with a unique selling point: replace your current HDD drive with our new SSD drive and instantly enjoy significant speed and performance improvements when storing data and launching programmes.

Sony currently only offers portable SSD drives so the new SLW-M series is a foray into internal SSD storage. The new drives are equipped with Sony’s SSD toolbox for performance monitoring.


The SLW-M series currently consists of  two models. The SLW-MG2model has 240 GB disk space and the SLW-MG4 480 GB respectively. The only differences between the two models are the capacity and the price. The other specs are identical.

Drive performance

The reading speed on a SATA 6Gbps drive is 560MB/s and the writing speed 530MB/s respectively according to Sony’s internal testing.


The Sony SLW-M series is a thin drive measuring 7 mm in profile, which makes it possible to install in various laptops. The drive measures 100 mm in diameter and the width is 69.85 mm. It weighs about 50 grams.

Solid State drives (SSD) speed up everything from servers to laptops.


Sony hasn’t listed the new SLW-M series on its NZ site yet. The price on its Singaporean site for the 240 GB drive is S$139, which corresponds to about NZ$148. This price is roughly inline with other 240 GB SSD drives sold in NZ. The 480 GB drive costs SG$259.

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