Samsung Soundbar HW-N650 & NW700 Sound+ Coming This Fall

Samsung Soundbar HW-N650

Soundbars are stretched speakers with a powerful sound. The new Samsung Soundbar HW-N650 targets gamers and creates a panoramic surround sound. The premium NW700 Sound+ can be wall-mounted.

Samsung announced the new pair of soundbars at CES fair in January.

Samsung Soundbar HW-N650 is a true surround sound speaker and employs acoustic beam technology. It utilises two pipes at the back with each pipe having 28 holes. The two tweeters, located at the ends of the pipe, generate the sound. The sound waves are then pushed acoustically to each of the 56 holes, which act as individual speakers. This set-up generates a “panoramic” sound that sweeps along the sidebar. This “sweeping” sound along the direction of the bar helps gamers truly engage in the game.

Both speakers connect to Samsung TVs both through wired connections as well as wireless ones. Furthermore, Bluetooth allows for streaming of music streaming from smartphones and other devices.

NW700 Sound+ is a 3-channel speaker that’s smaller than the predecessor HW-MS650. Its narrowness makes it ideal for wall-mounting. It supports multi-speaker control and distortion-canceling among other features.

Samsung NW700 Sound+
Image source: Samsung. The new Samsung NW700 Sound+ soundbar.



The speakers will be available in New Zealand this fall. Samsung has yet two reveal pricing details. Samsung MS650 Sound+ started to retail at around 850, so it’s likely that NW700 will cost about the same.

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