Samsung Galaxy S8 Revealed

Samsung Galaxy S8 Revealed

Samsung revealed its new flagship phones Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in London this week. The screen coverage ratios are very high, which means that the two phones feel larger than they actually are. The edges of the Infinity Display screen are curved similar to the Edge series. The aspect ratio of the screen is 18.5 x 9.

Samsung stated during the launch event that it wants to produce phones that are distinctively unique in an era when many Android phones look and feel quite similar. While there are no revolutionary features in the new Samsung Galaxy S8, there are plenty of cool, new features that will entice consumers to upgrade from older Samsung models or switch from a competitor brand. Let’s have a closer look at what S8 and the larger S8 Plus have to offer.

Fingerprint sensor and home button

The fingerprint sensor has moved from the home button to the back of the phone next to the camera lens. Samsung has dropped the physical home buttonaltogether and replaced it with a virtual one. The company has upgraded the software as a result of these two physical changes. For example, the app drawer icon has been removed and the user instead swipes from top to bottom to view a list of all installed programmes and apps. Furthermore, there’s no black space occupying precious real estate on the screen when watching a video, since the entire screen is designated for displaying media.

Screen splitting

The relatively tall and narrow shape of the screen makes is ideal for splitting it into two sections on top of each other. For example, it’s possible to view a Google map at the top and have a chat programme visible at the bottom of the screen when discussing how to find a restaurant with a friend.

Face recognition

A really useful way of unlocking the phone is through face recognition. Just use the front selfie camera to identify yourself and the phone magically unlocks. This mode of authentication obviously only works when there’s sufficient ambient light. The iris scanner introduced by the phased out Note 7 series is also available and serves as a back-up.

Bixby voice assistant

The voice assistant Bixby is Samsung’s answer to Apple’s Siri. Bixby, however, is much more than just a voice assistant. It assists you in a lot of practical ways that has nothing to do with voice instructions. For example, Bixby can help you in finding good deals online by snapping a photo of a product and getting instant price comparison information (Bixby relies on Amazon in the UK for this service).

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