OnePlus 3 Upgrades After Feedback From Users

OnePlus 3 Upgrades After Feedback From Users

OnePlus 3  launched last month and the feedback so far has overall been good. However, OnePlus’ active community has been very vocal about two particular issues: OnePlus 3’s aggressive memory management and its unnatural colour profiles used on its AMOLED screen. The company has rectified these issues and is now releasing an upgraded version.

Aggressive memory management

OnePlus 3 sports 6 GB of memory, but despite abundant resources manages the phone’s memory very aggressively. Apps running in the background are stopped in case the memory usage is high in order to give preference to apps in use. Thus, OnePlus 3 runs fewer background apps than its competitors in tests. OnePlus’ co-founder Carl Pei says that the aggressive memory management is a design choice and therefore not a software bug. Nevertheless, the upgraded version will support more apps running in the background.

Unnatural colour profiles

OnePlus 3 color profile
Image source: Oneplus. Colour profile comparison with sRGB. Original profile left and sRGB profile right.

The second issue that has annoyed a large number of users is the colour handling. OnePlus 3 employs a so-called Optic AMOLED display with specially designed colour profiles that enhance contrasts.

Multiple tests confirm that the problems with the colour profiles. Both the greyscale and the white balance miss the target for being natural.

Users can select a more natural colour profile for sRGB in the upgraded version.

OnePlus 3 gains in popularity

OnePlus 3 was released last month and has quickly become one of the most popular smartphones in New Zealand. It currently ranks as the 14th most popular phone only beaten by the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Huawei P9.

It’s  one of the smartphones with the highest value/price ratio that have launched so far in 2016 – top-of-the-line hardware features for only $730.

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