Nikon D7500 Offers Timelapse Movie in 4K

Nikon D7500

The new Nikon D7500 camera is the successor to D7200 even though the Japanese company skipped a couple of versions for emphasis. Certain parts of the technology have been inherited from the D500 model like the APS-C sensor with 20.9 MP resolution, the EXPEED 5 image processor and a maximum ISO of 1,640,000.

Nikon’s target customer prefers a less complex camera than Nikon D500 yet powerful enough to develop new photographic skills with. Nikon’s goal is obviously to offer a camera that appeals to a larger potential customer base. It feels like Nikon D7500 has potential to accomplish this given its design and features.

Timelapse in 4K

A new feature is the ability to record time-lapse movies in 4K format. The user is also able to employ “power aperture” in A- and M-mode as well as specifying an ISO-range to operate within during the recording. Furthermore, there’s a Zebra function in order to view over exposed regions.

Other recording formats are full-HD in 1080/60p and 4K/30p in 8 bits.


Nikon D7500 is a speedy camera and shoots 100 JPEGs or 50 RAW frames at a speed of 8 frames per second. There are 51 AF-points that can handle light down to -3 EV.

Pricing & availability

Nikon hasn’t announced the availability of D7500 yet.

The price listed on Nikon’s US site for the body only is $1,249.95, which converts to about NZ$2,035 inclusive of GST. The options that include a lens are more expensive:

  • 18–105mm f/3,5–5,6G ED VR
  • 18–140mm f/3,5–5,6G ED VR costs US$1,749.95

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