New Sony Alpha A7R III More Powerful & Faster

Sony Alpha A7R III

A new processor and battery combined with partly new hardware yield speed and power for the new Sony Alpha A7R III. As a result, the autofocus and the number of frames per second are both really impressive.

It’s worth paying attention to the third generation of Sony’s popular A7R camera series. It contains so many improvements that it almost feels like a new camera rather than an upgrade to an existing one.

Camera performance

How much faster is Sony Alpha A7R III? The new processor is 1.8 times faster than the one found on the predecessor Alpha A7R II.

The frame rate is 10 frames per second (fps), which is double that of the predecessor. Please note that the frame rate drops to 8 fps in live-view mode.

There’s ample memory space as the buffer can hold 87 compressed raw files.

The Autofocus system is significantly better than the predecessor’s. It employs 425 contrast detect AF points compared to only 25 for the predecessor. Now that’s an improvement.

Influences from Sony Alpha A9

The new camera borrows a lot of features from the high-end Sony Alpha A9 series. For example, the AF-on button and the high-resolution viewfinder are both found on A9. The battery is another component borrowed from A9. The new, powerful battery allows the camera to shoot 650 photos per charge. In addition, the aforementioned processor is also found on A9.


The A7R III is available in China where it costs CNY 23,999. This amount converts to about NZ$5,950 inclusive of GST.

We expect the camera to launch in New Zealand in November.

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