New grocery comparison website reveals huge price differences

A study by just-launched grocery comparison website FoodMe has revealed alarming price differences between retailers. The study of 10 popular grocery items, ranging from fresh produce to burger patties, shows a barely believable variance in prices. In the most extreme case, one kilogram of bulk raw pine nuts ranged in price from $9.90 at one retailer to
$139.00 at another – a difference of $129.10.

Henrik Johansson, the director of FoodMe, says the study highlights the importance of shopping around before you buy:

Our study is clear evidence that a few minutes of research on sites like FoodMe can save you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on your grocery bill. We firmly believe FoodMe will become an essential tool for individuals or families who are struggling to shop within their means, or anyone interested in snapping up a bargain.

FoodMe’s study, showing the minimum and maximum prices on the same item, as well as the overall difference, is shown in table form as follows:

CategoryProduct namePrice Difference
Bulk NutsBulk Foods Raw Pinenuts 1kg$129
Produce Long Red Chillies 1kg$83
Fresh VegetablesProduce Green Chillies 1kg$65
Beef &
Butchery NZ Beef Burger Patties kg$57
Shellfis &
Seafood Shucked Scallops
(Prefrozen) 1kg
United Fish Co Tasmanian Raw
Whole Meat Scallops 1kg
Espressotoria Capino Espressotoria
Capsule Coffee Machine ea
Shellfish &
Seafood Shucked Scallops 1kg$48
Deli MeatsService Deli Spanish Jamon Serrano
Beef & VealButchery Beef Fillet Mignon kg$42

Grocery comparison increases transparency

FoodMe aggregates and compares grocery prices from supermarkets and online retailers in New Zealand, and also posts buying guides. With the typical Kiwi family spending $12,000 per year on their grocery bill, FoodMe has been designed to help people reduce that bill. As Henrik Johansson explains:

Hundreds of thousands of Kiwis comparison shop for hotels, phone, electronics and power. Groceries, oddly enough, has been a glaring exception. Our mission at FoodMe is to change that by giving everyone the means to compare grocery prices across all retailers.

FoodMe aims to increase transparency in the grocery retail market and allow Kiwi consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions. Given the findings in the price difference study, there is certainly a need for New Zealanders to understand that the price they’re used to paying might not be the best price.

FoodMe’s grocery comparison website can be found at:

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