Move Your Body: Shop the Top 7 Yoga Essentials

Move Your Body: Shop the Top 7 Yoga Essentials

Emma Jackson

Posted on 16/05/2024

Yoga is one of the most therapeutic and calming forms of exercise. You can always go to a yoga class, but it’s also just as fun to do it at home, in the comfort of your own space. If you are a beginner, or seasoned in the world of yoga, it always helps to make sure you have the right equipment to make each session peaceful and effective. 

We have rounded up our top 7 yoga must-haves so that you can find your inner peace and fully tune into your body. 

1. A Yoga Mat

You can’t have a yoga session without a yoga mat. These mats help with grip, comfort, and help keep you in place during sweaty sessions. Yoga mats are truly vital in a yoga session, and will help you achieve mind and body balance and clarity.

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2. Foam Roller 

Foam rollers are great for rolling out tight muscles, helping boost recovery time, and elevate moment and flexibility. A foam roller also feels wonderful!

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3. Reusable Water Bottle

You can work up quite a sweat during some yoga movements, and it’s important to stay hydrated! Having a reusable water bottle within arm’s distance will help keep you going through the whole session, and will prevent you from needing to pause to get a glass of water. 

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4. Yoga Straps

Yoga straps are useful tools for beginners, or for anyone who needs that little extra help. Yoga straps are one of the most effective ways to help get a deeper stretch and guide you into trickier positions. 

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5. Yoga Brick

You will rarely walk into a yoga class without seeing yoga bricks piled in the corner for you to grab. So why wouldn’t you want to add one to your at-home yoga kit? They are great tools for helping you get into yoga positions that might have been too difficult for you, as they create a raised platform for you to put your hand or foot onto, depending on the position. 

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6. Microfibre Towel

Microfibre towels are lightweight and compact compared to their traditional towel counterparts. They work well at absorbing sweat as you exercise and are fast drying after a wash. Have one in arm’s reach while you perform your yoga routine, and toss it into your yoga bag if you are going to a yoga class, or to your friend’s house for a session together. 

7. Gym Bag

If you are taking a yoga class, or doing your yoga session at the park, or a friend’s house, having a gym bag, or yoga bag, is always going to be handy. Choose one that is large enough to fit all of the above essentials, and one that you feel comfortable carrying. Gym bags often come with a  range of pockets to fit car keys, earpods, and your lip balm. You can even get gym bags that have sleeves that will fit your rolled up yoga bag. How good!

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