Motorola One Zoom Shown at IFA

Motorola One Zoom is a new mid-range phone that focuses on the camera. There are four rear cameras, where the main lens sports a whopping 48 MP sensor.

The Motorola One series is designed to adhere closely to the standard Android version Android One. The Moto series, on the other hand, utilises a more customised version of the operating system. Hence, Motorola One can be seen as a new product line. This new line currently consists of the phones Motorola One Vision and One Action. 

Four cameras with powerful zoom

Motorola One Zoom as the name suggests employs a powerful 3x optical zoom. The zoom is a hybrid zoom type, which utilises HDR-technology to combines several images in order to improve crispness. This ingenious technology yields up to 10 times zoom.


One Zoom has a traditional 19:9 screen format and measures 6.39-inch diagonally. The screen is of OLED-type and exhibits 2,340 x 1,080 pixels.


A Snapdragon 675 processor powers the phone. There’s 4 GB of RAM memory available and the storage equals 128 GB. Moreover, the battery capacity is relatively large at 4,000 mAh.

One Zoom will start selling in New Zealand around the 13th of September to a price of around NZ$640 inclusive of GST. More information regarding this phone is available on Motorola’s US site.

More Motorola phones are coming

In addition, Motorola will also start selling the new budget phone Motorola Moto E6 Plus shortly.

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