Make Them Smile: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2024

Make Them Smile: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2024

John Doe

Posted on 5/02/2024

Valentine’s Day is a week away. If you are feeling the pinch of the gift-giving slump, fear no more. We have gathered a list of some of the most thoughtful gifts that you will be excited to give your loved one, and that will make them smile. Enjoy Valentine’s Day shopping with confidence that you will find the best deals and make your loved one’s day, while keeping your wallet happy.  

Embrace the warm fuzzies and the fun of Valentine’s Day and gift your loved one something you know will make them feel appreciated. PriceMe has the scoop on thousands of products and gift ideas, and where you can grab it for the best deals for your Valentine’s Day shopping in New Zealand. 

Beauty Gifts

Perfume: There is nothing like gifting your loved one a scent that speaks to their personality, or helping them find a new scent that will become their signature. Try the Ariana Grande Moonlight for hints of blackcurrant and sandalwood, or the Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb that exudes a dainty floral essence including jasmine and rose. 

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Massage Tools: Give the gift of total relaxation with a massage gun, and help your loved one completely unwind this Valentine’s Day. How about the Homedics Therapist Select Massage Gun for a device that targets muscle relaxation? 

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Hair Dryer and Hair Straighteners: Help your loved one look and feel their best with a brand new hairstyling gift.. From innovative curlers that use the power of air, to classic, no-nonsense straighteners and hairdryers, PriceMe has the lowdown on where you can grab the best deal. Create bouncy beachy curls with the Mermade Hair Aircurl, or transform your hair into an effortless, salon level blowout with the Silver Bullet SuperStar MultiStyler.

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Homeware and Accessories Gifts

A Memory Foam Pillow: There is nothing like a good night’s sleep. A memory foam pillow is going to help elevate your loved one’s sleep and cosiness, and will show them that you care. How about the cosy yet supportive Medium Profile Memory Foam Queen Pillow?

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Solar Outdoor Lights: For the loved one that enjoys crafting and honing their space to be unique and comfortable for them, outdoor solar lights would be a great Valentine’s Day gift. Check out the Living & Co Solar String Lights Whitewhich create a fairytale-like atmosphere with their cascading LED lights powered by the sun.

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Air Fryers: Cook crispy, golden fries in no time, or create works of art, with less mess and clean up. Air fryers are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for any foodie. How about the budget-friendly, yet mighty Living & Co Digital 3.5L? Or the innovative powerhouse that is the Ninja Foodi Dual Zone AF400A?

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Espresso Machines: Is your loved one a coffee connoisseur? Do they enjoy the process of crafting their own coffee, going out for lattes and sharing a laugh over a fresh brew? You might want to give them an espresso machine. Fill the air in their home with the rich scent of fresh coffee, and fill their heart with the warmth of your thoughtful gift. Check out the Breville the Barista Express for a sophisticated and grunty machine that pours the perfect shot each time. Or the simple yet reliable Breville Nespresso Vertuo Next Solo

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Tech Gifts

A Voice Assistant: A voice assistant, such as an Alexa, is a great gift. Your loved one can play music with voice activation, and even use it to turn off or dim the lights in their home. How cool! Check out the Apple Homepod Mini or the Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen with Alexa.

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A Kindle: For the bookworm in your life, a kindle is always going to be an amazing gift. They are great for storing hundreds of books all in one slim, light-weight device that has an incredible battery life and easy-on-the-eye screen brightness, perfect for reading even at night when you’re getting ready for bed. Have a look at the classic Kindle Paperwhite 11th Gen or the Kindle Oasis WiFi 8GB

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Polaroid Camera: Instantly print photos and create a way to hold onto memories with an on-trend, yet forever classic polaroid camera. These light-weight cameras are a perfect buddy for any road trip or holiday or just simply for capturing moments with loved ones. Try the funky-looking Polaroid Now i-Type, which is reminiscent of a time before smartphone cameras. 

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A Mobile Phone: Give your loved one the gift of connectivity and creativity with a brand new, sleek mobile phone. Whether they are a creator looking to unlock the world of social media and content creation, or a gamer seeking new adventures and thrills, a new phone is always a great gift. Check out the latest Apple iPhone 15 or the world classSamsung Galaxy S23 phone? Or perhaps you are looking for the Xiaomi 14 Pro 256GB.

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Want something different? PriceMe has millions of products for you to compare and make better Valentine’s shopping choices.

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