King’s Birthday: A Gift Guide for Yourself

King’s Birthday: A Gift Guide for Yourself

Emma Jackson

Posted on 14/05/2024

The King’s Birthday weekend is a great opportunity to put up your feet, relax, stream some shows, and get stuck into some sales and shopping. King’s Birthday weekend is traditionally a time of year where retailers have a range of awesome sales and discounts. We have made it almost halfway through the year – you deserve to treat yourself. Shop tech, homeware, kitchen appliances, and fitness equipment, amongst an array of other things. We have put together a gift guide – for yourself! Have a read, have a shop, make savings, and treat yourself this King’s Birthday!


An eBook Reader

As we settle into the depths of winter, this is as good a time as any to invest in an eBook reader such as a Kindle. There is nothing quite like snuggling up on a cold winter night with a steaming beverage in one hand, and a rich story in the other. Go on, dive into an adventure and escape into a story. eBook readers will unlock thousands of them!

Shop eBook Readers

Polaroid Camera

Take a step back into the past, to a time where it was standard for cameras to print polaroids instantly. Modern polaroid cameras allow you to capture moments in time without the choice of taking more than one photo to then choose the perfect one to post on Instagram. Polaroid cameras print out each photo, so you can take a moment to appreciate the imperfections. 

Shop Polaroid Cameras


A Cosy Duvet

As the winter continues, you’ll want to be snuggled up each night with a cosy duvet or comforter. There are few pleasures in life quite like it. Choose a duvet cover set that speaks to your unique aesthetic and style, and you have a winner. 

Shop Duvets and Comforters

Shop Home and Garden

Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds are a great gateway into gardening and harvesting your own herbs and even vegetables. They are elevated, so critters like cats aren’t likely to get into them, and you don’t have to bend down or kneel to tend to the garden. Fill the garden with nutrient-rich soil, some compost, and plant whatever your heart desires. You’ll soon be rewarded with fresh herbs and veggies, or bright floral hues.

Shop Garden Beds

Kitchen Appliances

An Espresso Machine

Imagine being able to have a home brew each morning? Well, with an espresso machine, you can! These are awesome investments as they will save you money on takeaway coffees and they are truly just as good as cafe coffee. Go on, you deserve it!

Shop Espresso Machine

Air Fryer

An air fryer is a great way to streamline preparing your meals. They can even save you money on power compared to standard ovens. Air Fryers are versatile and can be used to cook fries, drumsticks, and even mac and cheese. Be sure to choose one that suits your household needs and you’ll be on your way to easy meal making!

Shop Air Fryers

Shop Small Appliances

Fitness Equipment

A Treadmill

Treadmills are a classic. But they are great for a reason. You can get compact ones to suit your smaller living space, and they will save you money over time on a gym membership. Many treadmills have a range of functions and you can set up an incline to train your endurance, or train your speed. They are awesome for those who work from home, too and wish to use their breaks for some movement!

Shop Treadmills

Spin Bike

Spin bikes are an incredible form of cardio. You can strengthen your heart muscle, leg muscles, and get a great sweat on from the comfort of your home. Set it up in front of the TV, and stream your favourite show, and cycle away, for a cosy form of movement and exercise. 

Shop Spin Bikes

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Want something different? No worries!

PriceMe is the place to go this King’s Birthday weekend to find the best deals on over 1 million products across a range of New Zealand retailers. Make savings this long weekend, treat yourself, and smile more! 

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