JBL Link 10 Powered By Google Assistant

jbl link 10

The JBL Link 10 is best described as a Google Assistant-powered speaker hybrid. However, it stands apart from many other compact home speakers because of its superior audio qualities.

This includes more bass than many of its competing devices. Plus, with Google smart assistant, Chromecast and Bluetooth built-in, the JBL Link 10 appeals as an all-round smart speaker you can use at home, or on the go; it’s great to listen to, extremely helpful, unobtrusive and very easy to use. Throw in its water-resistant qualities and you can also use it to pump out party sounds by the pool or on the beach.

Its ease of operation is highlighted by its far-field voice recognition, which works in conjunction with dual microphones. You can thereby command Google Assistant without having to shout or reach for your phone. This is hands-free control at its best. The responsiveness to voice commands puts the JBL Link 10 into the top echelon of compact smart and Bluetooth speakers.

Multi-room playback capability enables high-quality audio right through the house. The built-in Chromecast lets you create this set up by connecting with Chromecast speakers in different rooms. It’s thereby able to deliver 24 bit, 96k Hz immersive audio. This high-quality audio performance, as we discussed earlier, sets it apart from many other speakers of a similar size. As the JBL Link 10 lets you stream music, radio and podcasts with your mobile device directly from the cloud using Chromecast, its enhanced ability to deliver superior audio makes it a good all-around choice for around the home, or anywhere the party’s happening! It’s basically a mini voice assistant.

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