How to buy Google Pixel 4 in New Zealand

Google Pixel 4

Google doesn’t sell phones directly in New Zealand. However, resellers do bring Google Pixel 4 phones into the country. Hence, you can now find them locally too. 

Purchasing directly from Google

The alternative is to purchase these phones from Google’s Australian webshop.  It facilitates if you have a friend or family there that can take order it for you, but a Kiwi address should also work. Google also sell directly to consumers in Singapore, Taiwan, USA, Canada and larger European countries like France, Germany and Italy. 

Another alternative would be to buy the phone off Amazon and then use Youshop’s service to deliver it to a New Zealand address. This, however, we’ll probably be more expensive than buying it locally.


What type of functionality do Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL offer? The main unique selling point is that the software is always up-to-date including the user interface. This means that Pixel owners get access to the latest features like digital assistants before other phone brands. Google guarantees three years of software updates.

Pixel 4 also offers a really advanced camera, gesture and voice control as well as face recognition in 3D. The latest face recognition feature enables users to login securely similar to Face ID on Apple’s iPhones. Google has therefore been able to drop the fingerprint sensor.

Google Pixel 4 pricing

The standard Pixel 4 model with 64GB storage and 6GB RAM memory retails at $1,498 inclusive of GST in New Zealand. The larger Pixel 4XL is 150 euros more expensive and costs about $1,770.

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