Heating Safety Tips: Preventing Fires and While Staying Warm

Heating Safety Tips: Preventing Fires and While Staying Warm

Emma Jackson

Posted on 5/06/2024

One of the joys of winter is turning the heater on in the evening, and getting all warm and cosy beneath a blanket. Add a yummy warm beverage and a movie night? You have yourself a winner!

It is important that we use our heaters and heat pumps safely and responsibly, to avoid accidental fires that can cause damage, injury, and loss of property. 

Stay safe this winter with our 6 heating safety tips. 

1. Don’t Leave the Heater Unattended

If you leave the room, or leave the house, turn off the heater. This is especially important for electric heaters. It could fall over without anyone to fix it, and increase the risk of fire. 

2. Keep Away From Water

Don’t place the heater near a water source such as the kitchen or bathroom sink. Water and electricity is a dangerous combination. Avoid electricity being conducted through water and causing injuries!

3. Don’t Cover the Heater

It can be tempting to place your sodden socks over the heater to dry them off. Don’t do it. This can make the heater overheat and can increase the chance of catching nearby objects on fire. Don’t put a clothes drying rack too close to the heater either. 

4. Plug Directly into Wall

Avoid using an extension cord or a multi power board to plug your heater into. Plug it directly into the wall. Extension cords or multi-boards can be too energy-intensive and cause the electricity circuit to overheat, which could cause an electrical fire. 

5. Regular Maintenance

Make sure the heater or heat pump is well maintained on a regular basis. Check the cables when you plug it in, and make sure there are no fraying or scorch marks on the casing. If so, don't use it. Clean the lint filter in your heat pump monthly, especially in the winter, to make sure it can work most effectively and efficiently without overheating, or overworking. Be sure to get your heat pump serviced to make sure it doesn’t have any faults that could cause a malfunction and increase risk of fires. 

6. Upgrade to a New Heater or Heat Pump 

If you have an old heater sitting in your house, it can increase the risk of fires. Replace ancient heaters with a modern heat pump, which is the most energy efficient form of heating in New Zealand. Heat pumps are also less likely to have an electrical fire risk compared to other heater options such as electric heaters. Jump on PriceMe to shop for heat pumps, so you can find the best deal. PriceMe makes it easy and quick to compare prices for different heat pump models in New Zealand stores, so you can get the cheapest price and the best match for your unique needs. Stay warm, and stay safe this winter!

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