Energy Efficiency and Electric Blankets: Are They Cost-Effective

Energy Efficiency and Electric Blankets: Are They Cost-Effective

Emma Jackson

Posted on 10/06/2024

While leaping into a cool bed in the summer is a dream, that is not the case for the winter months. Many of us would much prefer to climb into a warm bed. But that comes at a cost. If you are considering using an electric blanket this winter, to help ward off the chill, this article is for you. How cost-effective are they? Can they cost less than your heater? 

The Cost of Electric Blankets

Electric blankets can use a lot less electricity than electric heaters. They can use as little as 0.4 kilowatts to keep your bed warm and cosy over four hours. So, for each blanket you put on in the house each night, it is likely only going to cost you about 10 cents. 

For a household of four, running these blankets each night for four hours, you would likely only incur a total of $12 on your monthly power bill. 

Compared to Heaters

Electric heaters can be the culprit for high energy bills in the winter. They can consume a lot of energy – running one for five hours a day can rack up a cost of $2.50 a day. That is $17.50 a week! Remember, that a heater has to warm up a room, whereas an electric blanket only needs to warm up your bed, which is a lot smaller of a space. If you are looking for ways to save money, but still stay warm in the evenings, an electric blanket may be a great alternative. 

Consider a Heat Pump

Given that electric blankets only warm up your bed, if you are seeking a way to warm up your living room in the evenings, consider investing in a heat pump, over an electric heater. Heat pumps are the most energy efficient and cost effective form of domestic heating in New Zealand. While they must be installed by a professional electrician, they can save you a lot of money in the long run on power by using less energy to keep you warm. You can use a timer to make sure it only runs for a couple of hours in the morning and evening, and turns off during the day, to maximise savings. 

The Benefits of a Heat Pump

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