Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua 8000 – Versatile Cleaner

Vacuuming the floors isn’t really anyone’s idea of fun, but the SpeedPro Max Aqua 8000 is Philips way of making the task much easier and faster. This new cordless cleaner is a powerful blend of vacuum and mop, so it’s the perfect buy if you have both carpet and hard floors to keep clean. The most notable feature is the suction and mopping mouthpiece which vacuums and mops hard floors at the same time. When it’s time to vacuum the carpet, simply swap over to the regular mouthpiece.

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New grocery comparison website reveals huge price differences

A study by just-launched grocery comparison website FoodMe has revealed alarming price differences between retailers. The study of 10 popular grocery items, ranging from fresh produce to burger patties, shows a barely believable variance in prices. In the most extreme case, one kilogram of bulk raw pine nuts ranged in price from $9.90 at one retailer to
$139.00 at another – a difference of $129.10.

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Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua Combines Vacuum, Mop & Handheld Cleaner

The demand for cordless vacuum cleaners is growing by the day. In response, Philips brings us the SpeedPro Max Aqua Cordless Stick vacuum cleaner. This 3-in-1 device combines a vacuum, mop and handheld cleaner. Meanwhile, PowerCyclone 8 technology is touted as Philips’ best bagless vacuum cleaning technology, and it’s now in a cordless stick.

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Samsung Family Hub 4.0 – An Intelligent Home Assistant

It’s a fridge that doesn’t know it’s a fridge! The new Samsung Family Hub 4.0 refrigerator thinks it is a high-tech online communicator, shopping assistant, meal inspiration provider, inventory mastermind and so much more. In fact, it is all those things. Samsung has long stated that it wanted to create a fridge that is more “intelligent home assistant” than a simple home appliance. Voila, the Family Hub 4.0 is the result.

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Apple Homepod Now Available for Pre-Orders

Apple Homepod is an AI assistant and speaker set to compete with Google Home and Amazon’s Echo. Apple now accepts pre-orders for customers living in Australia, UK, and the USA. Unfortunately, New Zealand will receive it later. The Homepod goes on sale on February 9th.

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Samsung Fridges and Freezers Receive Bixby Assistant

The second generation of Samsung’s AI assistant Bixby will be integrated into various smart home products that the company sell. Samsung fridges, freezers and also TVs will soon get a lot smarter and talkative due to Bixby 2.0 support.

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Samsung FlexWash FlexDry 2-1 Customised Laundry

Most of us sometimes think that doing the laundry takes too much time. It’s a rather time-consuming process to wash different colours and fabrics separately in one load after another. Luckily, Samsung has addressed this issue with its new 2-in-1 Samsung FlexWash washing machine and FlexDry dryer duo. Combining these two appliances yields a powerful laundry system for large families that can wash and dry multiple loads at the same time at different settings. Continue reading “Samsung FlexWash FlexDry 2-1 Customised Laundry”

Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Enables Smart Fridge Integration

Samsung has announced the second generation of its smart fridges at the ongoing CES fair. Family Hub 2.0 allows effortless communication and interaction between user and fridge. For example, a user can talk to the fridge using voice recognition, add user lists and even enjoy music organised by Spotify. Continue reading “Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Enables Smart Fridge Integration”

LG Hom-Bot & CordZero Handstick are Perfect for Christmas

There’s a lot of cleaning going on prior and during Christmas. LG has therefore timely released two new vacuum cleaners that make the holiday easier to manage: LG Hom-Bot Square robotic vacuum cleaner and the LG CordZero handstick cleaner. Continue reading “LG Hom-Bot & CordZero Handstick are Perfect for Christmas”

Bosch Focuses On Smart Homes

Image source: Bosch Smart Homes. Bosch Twinguard smoke detector.

Bosch Twinguard is a smoke detector that’s also capable of monitoring indoor air quality. It detects and monitors smoke as well as pollution levels, temperature, and humidity. This device connects seamlessly to your wireless network at home and it’s therefore really easy to get started. This implies that you can control Bosch Twinguard with an app installed on your mobile phone. The app sends out notifications in case a fire starts in your home. One wonders whether a phone call would be more suitable than an app notification in case of something so hazards as a fire? Continue reading “Bosch Focuses On Smart Homes”

Google Home Assistant Announced at Google I/O

Your home is bound to become a lot smarter with Google’s new home assistant device. It’s a WiFi speaker capable of answering voice queries, performing tasks and last, but not least, connecting and managing devices in your home like TVs, speakers and light bulbs. Continue reading “Google Home Assistant Announced at Google I/O”

Samsung Washing Machine Recalls Under Fire

Six Samsung washing machine models are faulty and could catch fire in case of moisture that condenses and drips on an electric component. Samsung started the recalls of 36,000 affected washing machines back in 2013, and it has so far recalled 78% of these washing machines. This implies that there are still more than 7,900 faulty washing machines out there that might catch fire anytime (assuming that the majority sold are still in used, which is likely given the lifespan of typical washing machines). The owners of these hazardous home appliances have either ignored the recalls or for some reason haven’t been notified yet. Continue reading “Samsung Washing Machine Recalls Under Fire”

Top Nutri Ninja Blenders

Healthy juices and drinks keep growing in popularity. A convenient way of preparing these healthy liquids  while maximising their nutritional values are to use a powerful type of “extraction” blender. Nutri Ninja is one of the market leaders in this segment and a very popular brand in New Zealand. Here’s a closer look at some of the hottest Nutri Ninja blenders in the market. Continue reading “Top Nutri Ninja Blenders”