Boxing Day Sales Coming

Boxing Day Sales

Boxing Day sales are now firmly associated with Christmas, and the retail frenzy on December 26 can feel just as fevered as it is before December 25. How do you get through the whole thing in one piece, relatively unbruised and in possession of some genuine bargains? Read on to find out!

Crowds and Boxing Day sales go together like a turkey and cranberry sauce, but sometimes the combination is not quite as tasty. All those people hoping to get the same exact deal that you are can make things uncomfortably competitive. Before you leave the house, try and see what sort of deal you’ll get online. Shopping from the comfort of your own home obviously means you avoid the rush, and you can even snap up a cool deal well before Boxing Day itself. These days, many retailers put their Boxing Day sales online after the shops have closed on Christmas Eve, so you can do some awesome Christmas sales shopping on December 24 and 25. Who needs Boxing Day??!!

When and where to buy

Of course, not all deals will be available online. Things like clothes and footwear probably need to be seen up close and personal, and you’ll have to go in store to do that and try them on. Being there early is an obvious tip. However, as many others will have the same idea it will pay to have a second or third choice should your desired item be snapped up before you get a chance. If you’re the patient type, you can always come back the next day or even the day after that. Many Boxing Day sales now last as long as a week, and if retailers are constantly restocking the shelves there’s a reasonable chance you’ll get what you want once the initial rush dies down. For this reason, it’s a good idea to contact the retailer and ask how long their sale lasts for. Sometimes there are special opening hours in place – you might be able to sneak in extra early or late when the place is less crowded.

Plan your Boxing Day purchases

Don’t just buy a bargain for the sake of it. The thrill of the chase is not so great when you end up with something you don’t actually need. Make a list of what you really need and want, and stick to it if you can. It’s better to come away empty handed than buy something just for the sake of it. Many stores won’t offer returns on discounted items, so choose carefully and be aware of each store’s refund policy. Also, make sure that bargain really IS a bargain. Flash signage might convince you that you’re saving mega bucks when you’re not. Do your research and know the original price compared to the sales price.

Sticking to a list of items will help you stay within budget but don’t be too strict on yourself. If you see something not on the list that you will use or wear, and if it looks like a real deal, grab it! After all, shopping should be fun!

A good tip for families

One final tip. If you have kids…leave them at home with a babysitter! Little ones can slow you down when you’re racing to bag a bargain!

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