Beats Solo3 and EP Headphones Launch

Beats by Dr. Dre has launched two new headphones: the wireless Solo 3 and the wired EP. Both headphones are already available for purchase in New Zealand.

The audio specialist firm Beats By Dr. Dre was acquired by Apple two years ago. Apple’s devices have certainly benefited from this acquisition with better sound in iPhone 7 and the development of the accompanying AirPods. Luckily for many audiophiles, Beats by Dr. Dre also seems to have benefitted from this acquisition as the company keeps launching slick and attractive new headphones. The two new additions to its line-up prove that it’s business as usual even after the Apple acquisition.

Beats Solo3 Wireless

Image source: Beats By Dr. Dre. Beats Solo 3 foldable design .

Beats Solo3 Wireless is a powerful wireless headphone with on-ear controls. The cushioned ear cups are comfortable and stylish.

The large battery life of 40 hours between charges means that you don’t have to worry about running out of batteries all the time. Especially not, with the Fast Fuel technology that flash charges the battery to 3 hours of life in only five minutes.

Beats Solo3 Wireless is available in five different colours at the Apple store or at Apple certified resellers, and is priced at $459.95.

Beats EP

Image source: Beats By Dr. Dre. Beats EP wired headphone.

Beats EP is a wired on-ear headphone with a lightweight and slick design. The design might appear fragile, but stainless steel reinforces the frame and makes it durable. There’s no internal battery on the headphone, which gives EP a minimalistic look-and-feel. Furthermore, the controls are located on the RemoteTalk wired audio cable, which further enhances the clean look.

Beats EP is available in red, black, white and dark blue colours.

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