Apple AirPods 2 With Improved Bluetooth Connectivity

Apple AirPods 2

The original Apple AirPods were the little audio devices that carved out a huge following. Every set of ears seemed to sport a pair of AirPods, reflecting the high-quality audio coming out of them. Will the second-generation Apple AirPods 2 represent a huge leap ahead? What changes can we expect?

If rumours are confirmed, expect improved Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity thanks to the W2 chip, currently used in the Apple Watch 3. Connecting to Siri should be an easier process too. A simple “Hey Siri” command being enough to summon up Apple’s voice assistant.

Look for waterproofing of some sort, but not at the level of the Apple Watch. However, splash and rain resistances in the Apple AirPods 2 will make them good for your workout. In addition, you can wear them around the pool provided you don’t dive into the deep end.

One of the more intriguing rumours is the addition of fitness tracking capabilities. There are suggestions that sensors will allow AirPods 2 to measure stroke volume, which combined with heart rate monitoring, would give you a more accurate picture of your overall fitness. Further speculation says the new AirPods will better handle outside noise as well as dissipating pressure from inside the ear canal.

With new AirPower now being used for the wireless charging of an increasing number of Apple products, it would come as no surprise to see this feature used in conjunction with AirPods 2 as well. For Apple fans, this could provide an easy charging solution for all of your favourite devices in the near future. This would include phones to watches to, of course, AirPods 2 and the original AirPods.

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