About the PriceMe NZ Awards 2024

About the PriceMe NZ Awards 2024

John Doe

Posted on 8/02/2024

Here at NZ Compare, we are all about ensuring Kiwis have access to all the information about the products and services on the market so that they can make a fully informed choice about their purchases. One of our leading comparison brands PriceMe is designed to help Kiwis make decisions around the products they purchase across New Zealand retailers. The core purpose of the PriceMe NZ Awards 2024 is simply to help Kiwis make better decisions.

PriceMe is an easy-to-use tool that shows the prices of over 1 million products across a range of New Zealand retailers. It also collects customer feedback, product descriptions and similar products, all with the intention of helping Kiwis have all the information available to them in one convenient location, so that they can make the best purchase decisions possible. PriceMe helps over 200,000 shoppers each month make informed purchase decisions.

Chosen by Kiwis

The PriceMe NZ Awards 2024 rates customer satisfaction across a wide range of retailers and manufacturers and the data is collected through professional market surveys of customers who have recently purchased products or services from retailers and brands. So the winners are determined by you!

With the help of research expert, The Interpreters, we have been able to collate and interpret a range of consumer and business data from members of the New Zealand public. 

The information we have gathered is from a sample of New Zealanders of a range of genders, ages, and locations. We also ensured we have included the results from those who have used the product or retailer within the decided timeframe. 

Winners have been selected based on the highest overall rating from scores in the respondent survey. Simply put, Kiwis have spoken and chosen their favourite brands and retailers.

Kiwis can Help Kiwis

Kiwis are a smart bunch. They know what they like and what works best for them. By rewarding the top retailers and brands, based on the best ones chosen by Kiwis, we can show other Kiwis which products and services are favoured, so that they can make a fully informed decision about their purchases. 

The healthiest decisions are made when we have all the information on hand. The PriceMe NZ Awards 2024 is simply another tool that Kiwis can use to make the best decisions. PriceMe is very easy to use.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Head to PriceMe
  2. Type in the product into the search bar
  3. Click on the product you want. 
  4. Compare prices, reviews, descriptions and similar products all in one place!

Check out the PriceMe Awards and the well-deserved winners to see what brands and retailers Kiwis love the most.


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