5 gift Ideas for Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is on Sunday the 14th of February. Data from electronic payment provider Paymark show that Kiwis spend millions on Valentine related gifts (the amount exclude cash transactions) including $3 million on florists alone. We analysed what kind of gifts that are trending on PriceMe in the lead-up to the most romantic day of the year.

Flowers and chocolate

The Valentine’s classic that always “works” remains the most popular Valentine’s gift among Kiwis. It’s realtively inexpensive to buy a small to medium-sized bouqett of flowers. Please note that you can order flowers online these days if you plan ahead a little and don’t wait until the last minute with your purchase.

A box of chocolates complement the flowers and you’ll have a fool-proof “gift package” at a reasonable cost. You can always stick a necklase on the box of choclate if you want to scale-up your gift.

Paymark data does show that spending on florists for Valentine’s day year-over-year has dropped about 14%. Nevertheless, flowers is still a safe bet on Valentine’s day.


Kiwis generally purchase quite a lot of perfume and it’s a category that’s trending strongly before Valentine’s day. There’s tremendous amount of choice in this product category and pricing also varies significantly between brands.

Buying tip for men

It’s admittedly difficult for many men to buy the right perfume. A good advice is to check in the bathroom of the gift receipient what kind of brands and perfumes she prefers, and then purchase the same brand in-store or online.


We’re observing a strong increase in the number of searches related to jewelry. Necklaces and pendants are especially popular, but other types of jewelry are also in demand. Choosing a neclace ingrained with a name is always popular. You can try a reputable offline jewelry store if you’re having difficulties find something online.


A stylish watch would make any woman happy on Valentine’s day. Marc by Marc Jacobs is popular choice at the moment, but trust your instinct and select a watch that fit your special girl. Remember to  buy a watch with a wristband that fits your dream girl.


A lipstick is a good choice as a Valentine’s gift. Select a lipstick with strong colours that symbolises the importance of the event. Popular brands are Max Factor, L’Oreal and Revlon.

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