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The Westinghouse POR668S has a lot to offer. It offers a safer exterior door temperatures. The full-width inner glass door provides an improved seal and increased temperature control. Furthermore it is easy to clean. The dimensions of the unit are 595 x 595 x 566.

Self-cleaning catalytic liners take in the fat when you are cooking. They vaporize due to the heat of the oven, which makes it easier to clean.

This model is highlighted by the Westinghouse BOSS oven. It has an 80 litre gross capacity, which is perfect for the holidays. This unit is quiet and does not emit a lot of heat. All Westinghouse BOSS models provide excellent energy efficiency. Most owners are impressed with their low electric bill.

Owners love that the Westinghouse POR668S is easy to clean. Enjoy the fingerprint-resistant stainless steel models. Westinghouse has developed an oven that isn't a lot of hassle to clean. This helps to make cooking more enjoyable.

The catalytic liners are fitted for the walls of the oven when you are cooking. Then the fats are vaporised by the heat of the oven.

This multi-layer oven has a lot to offer. The insulated door keeps heat inside. This makes it more energy efficient and keeps you kitchen cool. The Westinghouse POR668S was built to provide a more comfortable cooking environment. There is a lot to love about this oven.

This multi-function provides temperature precision. As a result, one can cook many different dishes. As a result, you can enjoy pies, cakes, and steak.

Finally, it comes with many accessories. With this unit, you get an oven dish. There is also an anti-splatter grill insert that is perfect for your every need.

The Westinghouse POR668S is one of the best ovens on the market. It comes backed by a two year warranty. This oven is energy efficient and offers many options for cooking. This is one oven that truly has a lot to offer. There are eight cooking functions that give you plenty of options when cooking. This unit features a timer that provides the ability to plan your start and finish cooking time.

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    12 May 2011