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The idea of premium products changes constantly, and one consumer"s notion of premium may not be in line with another"s. However, there has never been any arguments against Warwick being described as one of the most premium brands in the world.

Not only does this firm produce some of the finest guitars and amplifiers in the world, but their operations are carbon-neutral. This means that they obtain all materials (including the large quantities of wood used to produce instruments and housings) from sustainable sources. They also create the electricity needed to run their facilities from solar power, natural gas, and even the waste wood from production.

Based in Germany, Warwick is what could easily be described as a second generation firm. It is the end result of the failure of an earlier, premium brand of musical instrument makers known as Framus. That first brand dates to the 1940s, and it developed a reputation as one of the finest makers of electric guitars in the industry.

By the 1960s, the firm had an enormous factor and employed over 300 workers making traditional and electric guitars. However, in spite of celebrity endorsements and contracts, the firm went bankrupt in the 1970s. One man who had grown up the son of a Framus employee, was Hans-Peter Wilfer. At the age of 24 he started his own guitar firm in 1982 and tapped back into the workers remaining from the Framus days.

Constructing a new and hyper-efficient factory, he was able to combine classic craftsmanship and knowledge with some of the most state of the art production facilities around. Warwick began with three models but has since expanded to offer many different lines. They still emphasize bass guitars and bass amplifiers, but also serve as the parent for Framus guitars as well.

As indicated, they are the only carbon-neutral company in the entire music industry, they have earned FSC and EMAS III certifications, and keep some of the most highly skilled workers in the world of instrument manufacturing.

The Current Warwick Product Line

The Warwick line includes twenty different guitar shapes, WA/BC Line of amp heads and cabinets, the Hellborg Line of amps and cabinets, Warwick brand guitar strings, and accessories such as cases, bags, and promotional items and collectables.

The firm also has manufacturing facilities in Korea and China and makes models from those facilities available, as well. They also have a German Pro Series of guitars. They offer custom services through their Custom Shop as well.

Warwick maintains showrooms in their company headquarters in Markenukirchen, German as well as in New York, and Shanghai, China. They host regular factory tours in the hopes of encouraging other industries to utilize the greenest production options possible, as well.

A Local Establishment

The history of Warwick demonstrates that they have a strong affiliation with their community. The company began at the end of WWII, when conditions throughout Germany were far from ideal. One of the preliminary goals of the Framus company was to provide the region with some sort of sustainable industry. The firm accomplished this goal, and Warwick re-energized this initiative when it re-started the musical instrument industry in the 1980s.

The company still maintains this commitment to the local community, and throughout the Vogtland region it supports many local and community projects. These include improving and sustaining a community swimming pool, fundraising for a local orphanage, and supporting local schools.

Celebrity Favorite

Naturally, with a history of celebrity endorsements from such music greats as John Lennon and the Rolling Stones, it would make sense that Warwick today is also the recipient of celebrity attention. The company has a long list of dedicated musical professionals using their bass guitars, and even markets a line of "signature" guitars endorsed by musical professionals and celebrities. The list includes Adam Clayton of UT, Robert Trujillo of Metallica, Jimmy Earl, and Bootsy Collins, among many more.

A long history of artisan craftsmanship and attention to detail makes the Warwick brand a natural choice for musical aficionados. A solid commitment to the community and the environment demonstrate that the firm is concerned about the entire impact of its industry. This makes it a truly premium brand and one that will remain so thanks to its quality approach to music, manufacturing, and business.

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