Waffle Makers Buying Guide

Everyone loves waffles! They seem to have replaced pancakes as the feel-good breakfast that all the family likes, and they're increasingly popular as a dessert as well. Obviously, a waffle maker would be a welcome addition to any home, so here's what to look out for when buying one.

A Numbers Game

Kids, and adults, can be impatient when it comes to waffles. They don't want to wait before they tuck into them. If you're making waffles for a sizeable group, look for a model that can cook several at once. Some larger models are configured to make quite a few small waffles at the same time, so don't necessarily think a large waffle maker only makes large waffles!

Cook A Shapely Waffle

Waffles are a fun breakfast or snack, and many makers now reflect that by producing waffles in different shapes e.g. hearts or triangles. These types of makers are particularly good when there are kids around. Of course, if you don't care about such things, most makers still cook round and square waffles.

Don't Scratch The Surface

The surface of the grill inside the waffle maker can be the difference between an easy-to-clean machine, and a scratched and damaged one. Most modern waffle makers feature a non-stick surface where the waffle just slides off, and doesn't need to be prised out using sharp instruments. However, some cheaper models may be cheap because of they have inferior easy-to-damage, and hard-to-clean, grill surfaces.

The Thick, Or Thin, Of It

Some people like thick waffles. Others prefer their waffles on the thin side. If your preference is for a chunky, thick waffle, look for a maker with a deep cooking grid - this will produce the thickness you're after. On the other hand, a shallower grid will obviously mean thinner waffles.

Crispy, Or Soft?

Another point of preference when it comes to waffles is their crispiness. Some of us like them a bit crunchy, while others want a softer, pancake-like texture. To please everyone, a waffle maker with an adjustable thermostat will let you control the heat to achieve soft waffles when requested, or crisper waffles when demanded. Cheaper models might be one-temperature-fits-all, which means you can't really cook to order.

Perfect Every Time

There can be a lot of guesswork when it comes to cooking waffles, and working out when they're ready to eat. If you're one of those people who prefer perfect and precise waffles, look for makers with indicator lights that let you know the exact time the waffle is ready.

Make It Easy To Clean

Waffles are fun to make, and just as much fun to eat, but cleaning the maker isn't as pleasurable. You can make the job easier by looking at features that assist with the cleaning process, such as non-stick surfaces, or even removable grids which allow for them to be fully submerged in water.