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It is not hard to imagine one firm focusing on top quality coffee machines for consumers and commercial settings. However, there is one global company that makes a tremendous list of household goods of impressive quality, as well as premier coffee machines, cutlery, and more. That firm is WMF, and it has an impressive history.

In one hundred years, the firm that would become WMF went from a small metal repair shop to a major global enterprise with over one thousand employees. In the decades that followed their first century in business, WMF would continue to grow and strengthen its market position. Today it is seen as a major producer of tableware and a vast subsidiary network of high quality manufacturing firms.

A Brief History

It began in Germany in the mid-1800s when mill expert Daniel Straub founded the Wuerttemberg Metalware Factory. He had been able to establish himself in business due to his work on the Geislinger Steige - one of the most challenging railway lines in Europe at that time.

Within a short time, Straub had started to work with Friedrich and Louis Scheizer, both technically skilled metalworkers. Around the year 1853, the three decided to create a firm of their own and Metallwarenfabrik Straub & Schweizer was established.

Within less than fifty years time the company became the world's largest and most impressive producer of metalware for domestic purposes. They earned this reputation because of the stylish designs they created in partnership with sculptors and designers.

Prior to the turn of the century, however, the business acumen of the company's founders shone through, and they began a series of acquisitions that strengthened their market position and allowed them to grow their production capabilities. The first was in 1886 when they acquired the Plwekiwicz metalware factory in Poland. A few years after that they bought an electroforming and electrotyping firm in Munich. This allowed them to begin making larger scale items such as statues, tombstones, gates, and fountains.

In 1900, the firm was able to acquire the AK & CIE - a famous metalworking firm that gave them a huge portion of the Austrian and Hungarian markets.

More and more acquisitions followed, and each was designed to increase the technical capabilities and the options that the firm had to offer.

The result? Within one hundred years of their beginning, WMF was considered one of the top producers of commercial and consumer coffee machines, a top maker of stainless steel goods for the home, a trusted maker of small electrical appliances, cutlery, and more.

The Product Lines Today

The company is still a large group of subsidiary firms under the WMF umbrella, and employs more than 5500 people. There are two business units: the global coffee machine and hotel unit and the global consumer business unit.

The company's consumer goods include several lines of products under the following headings:

Cooking - This includes products for cooking, steaming, pressure cooking, frying, cutting, and food prep.

Dining - This includes cutlery, dining culture, and everyday living.

Drinking - This is the line that features their coffee, tea, bar and wine, and water products.

That list is a bit deceptive simply because there is such a tremendous number of products within any given category. As an example, their coffee products include award winning machines as well as barista tools, specialty serving ware and more.

The appeal of WMF products was almost immediate when the firm first began, and this appeal extends all of the way into the present. The firm has consistently won industry design awards that include the coveted red dot award, the Prix de Couverts Maison, the Material Vision Award, and dozens upon dozens more.

Their cutlery, bar glasses, gourmet knives, and even certain designs in storage have all garnered recognition, awards, and accolades. This leaves WMF as a top-selling brand in all of its markets.

The brand itself is available in more than one hundred countries and is sold through specialty retailers as well as WMF brand stores.

With a mission to differentiate their brand through innovation in design and function, as well as through the creation of quality products, WMF has taken all of the right steps right from the start. The proof of their success in meeting their mission is the widespread popularity of their products at the consumer and commercial level. They have created a global presence, provide dependable service, and are among the most trusted brands in the industry.

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