Verbatim USB 2.0 Pinstripe 8GB Reviews

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Manufacturer: Verbatim
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Value for money

Money down the drain

Verdict: We bought a Verbatim portable hard drive when our old hard drive broke. We spent two days transferring data onto it and on the third day the hard drive announced that it needed to be formatted before it can be used. All data gone!!!
6 years ago

USB jump drive not seen by Windows-8

Verdict: This company has a 15-dayreturn policy but if you don't have a need for the purchase, don't buy until then because by the time you try it, and the...
Pros: nothing;not seen bynew BestBuy HP Tower running Win8
Cons: unable to test and non-functional
7 years ago

Extremely Poor Design

Verdict: Pros: It works. Cons: AWFUL design. Does not stay in the extended position when inserting in to a USB slot, and most USB port orientations leaves you trying to stick a finger between the device and a desk the case behind the device to prevent it from slipping back in to a closed position.
2 years ago

Verbatim? 32GB Store 'n' Go USB Flash Dr

Verdict: When trying to transfer a document bigger than 4.69 GB on my 32 GB USB key I get the message that file is too big, yet there are 28 GB free space on the hey....once it has been reformatted. Why am I running into this illogical problem?
5 years ago

Arrived DOA

Verdict: I have an 8 GB Version of one of these Flash Drives and it has worked flawlessly since day one, so I went to the effort to purchase a 32 GB Verbatim Store 'n' Go Drive. It arrived after waiting for it to be shipped to the store, but was DOA right out of the packaging.
6 years ago
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