Ubiquiti UniFi AC Mesh Pro UAP-AC-M-PRO Reviews

Ubiquiti UniFi AC Mesh Pro UAP-AC-M-PRO
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Very impressed, Ubiquiti is now our 1st choice for deployments these days.

Verdict: We've been using the OpenMesh line of products for years, but lamented over poor performance, lack of IPv6 support, and other issues. Deploying Ubiquiti products has proven far less complicated, with much better performance and network accessibility/range than we ever expected.

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6 months ago

Beautiful, well-built, works great, BIG... but unobtrusive

Verdict: Fantastic. I have this outside in my yard in the flowers, tied to a PVC conduit, and you can barely see it-- but the SIGNAL, my gosh, the signal is fantastic! Easily covers my entire yard and then some-- in fact, sometimes my computers inside will grab on to this even though my inside UAP-AC-PROs...

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11 months ago
B&H Photo
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