Ubiquiti UniFi AC Mesh Pro UAP-AC-M-PRO Reviews

Ubiquiti UniFi AC Mesh Pro UAP-AC-M-PRO
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Outstanding radio range

Verdict: This unit has a *much* more powerful antenna (8 dBi) than others in the Unifi lineup, and the results show. With this unit configured as a wired AP (no mesh configured) I can stream video from 400 feet away, through a of row trees -- that's about 300 feet farther than the Unifi frisbee it replaced.

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3 months ago

Beautiful, well-built, works great, BIG... but unobtrusive

Verdict: Fantastic. I have this outside in my yard in the flowers, tied to a PVC conduit, and you can barely see it-- but the SIGNAL, my gosh, the signal is fantastic! Easily covers my entire yard and then some-- in fact, sometimes my computers inside will grab on to this even though my inside UAP-AC-PROs...

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1 year ago
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