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Value for money

Transcend DrivePro 520 review: Dash cam with a mobile twist

Verdict: All eyes on you I should note the disparity between the iOS and Android apps. At the time of this review, the "New" version of the app was only available in the App Store. The one on Google Play was still the previous one, which also happens to still be available on iOS too.
Pros: App integration is useful, Camera quality is good, Audio is surprisingly clear
Cons: Phone live view is laggy, Forward camera isn't very adjustable
2 years ago

TRANSCEND DrivePro 520 Dash Cam - Black

Pros: Sees well in the dark. Inboard cam very good. Good playback when linked to computer
Cons: Slow WiFi
2 years ago

Great Dashcam for a Good Price

Verdict: Great Picture quality of the outwards facing camera. The inside camera need a few more inferred LEDs for it to pick up the image better at night. records audio which is good. has a emergency button to secure a recorded file so it is not overwritten.
2 years ago

The Suction Cap sucks

Verdict: The suction is not able to hold the camera to the windshield. Everynow and then the camera keeps falling down. I was not able to use it for even a minute. I'm returning it. If Cameta Camera, 55 Sea Lane, Farmingdale, NY 11735 won't take it back, it's okay with me.
3 years ago

Great quality

Verdict: The front camera is very clear during a variety of lighting conditions, it can pick up license plates from a distance, and the picture doesn't become very messy due to vibrations or bouncing around in the car.
3 years ago

Excellent product, does what it says on the tin.

Verdict: Very good product simple to set up and use even the wife mastered it haha.
2 years ago

After using daily and downloading files I am most happy with the high quality resolution and ease of functions

Verdict: I fully researched this item on YouTube before making my purchase. After using daily and downloading files I am most happy with the high quality resolution and ease of functions.
1 year ago

This product works very well

Verdict: I have now had my Trancsend 520 for just on a week and find it very useful and the quality of the footage from the front and rear facing camera's is excellent. The software (toolbox) that I downloaded is first class and shows your footage and your position on a GPS map as well or indeed just full...
Cons: the g sensor
3 years ago
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