Toshiba Notebook MQ01ABD100 1TB Reviews

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Manufacturer: Toshiba
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Toshiba MQ01ABD100H – 2.5 1TB Hybrid SSHD

Verdict: The question is; if you had your Steam collection on a 1TB drive, which drive would you rather have it on? Well the answer to this is simple, the Toshiba Hybrid SSDD, due to the significant performance advantage it has.
4 years ago

I've already have the same product.

Verdict: I've already have the same product. It broke (after a lot of use) and I got a replacement for my laptop
3 years ago

Stay away from thai merchant.

Verdict: Horrible hard drive. Less than 6 months the drive stopped working and merchant will not make good for it. They told me to contact Toshiba who was even less helpful.
9 months ago

Its Import Hard Disk No Warranty By Toshiba

Verdict: Please Dont Buy This HArd Drive No Warranty By Toshiba India..The Importer Name Is Saangvi And There Is No Warranty By Toshiba.Beware Guys All Imports Products.
Cons: Poor Performance, Slow Connection
4 years ago

Hard disk drive for play station 3

Verdict: Delivered in good new condition,I bought this hard drive for my PlayStation 3 ,it is compatible with it and works fine!
2 years ago

Excellent!!! - Best Product and Deal Ever!

Verdict: I love it! It is a perfect Physical replacement for the drive that died. It is an incredible upgrade for the laptop's functionality! It went from 60GB to 1TB so I can have lots of fun. Thanks!
4 years ago

Toshiba hard drive

Verdict: It's very good price for 750 Gb ..I recommend this product to my friends if they need one ..,
6 years ago

Great drive for the money

Verdict: Pretty good drive for the money. Added it to my
Pros: relatively fast drive, high capacity
5 years ago

Good buy.

Verdict: I've bought two of these, one was over 2 years ago and the other a couple of months ago for different laptops. Works well and havn't had any issues at all with them.
1 year ago

Toshiba Notebook MQ01ABD100 1TB

Verdict: Bought for the wife's laptop as a second hard drive and mainly for storage. I was able to transfer all of her data to the drive and install without any issues. Wife is happy so I am happy. Also, great service from NCIX. Had item shipped to Nepean store and received item in 2 days.
Pros: Plenty of space especially at a sale price of $78
Cons: None so far
3 years ago
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