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We talk about having style from our "head to our toes" and that usually means we are wearing clothing that reflects our personal style. We also tend to mean that we have chosen shoes or footwear that are also a good illustration of our personal style and taste, as well.

It can be tough to find shoes that depict our personality rather than just the latest trends, but this is one of the reasons behind the longstanding success of Tony Bianco footwear.

There are not a lot of popular shoe design firms that can boast of being around for more than forty years, but the Tony Bianco name has been established since 1972. Since that time it has become Australia's premier footwear brand, but has also earned a solid reputation with the fashion savvy all around the globe.

This comes from the brand's dedication to being one of the most fashion forward lines of footwear, but also because of the design esthetic that takes many factors into account. The emphasis on the individual as the main component of style is one thing that gives each pair of Tony Bianco shoes or boots an edge over the competition. The major attention to detail that gives the line such a solid reputation for quality and craftsmanship is another. Finally, it is the simple fact that the designer has persistently explored the world, given attention to trends as well as traditional footwear, and interpreted these details in timely and yet classic looks.

Known as a brand of "fusion" footwear, the Tony Bianco line never fails to surprise. The superior quality and use of optimal and even luxurious materials seals the deal for many buyers. This blend of unusual looks, effortless style, and a "vintage meets modern" appeal ensures that new followers and customers are won over every day.

The Tony Bianco Range

The range is reflective of the modern demands for a wide array of styles from any particular design house and currently includes:


Bridal looks





Foot Care products





Over the Knee




Though all of their products are available for shipping anywhere in the world when purchased directly through their easy to use website, the firm also has dozens of retail stores. In Australia and New Zealand, shoppers can visit Tony Bianco retail shops and discount outlets to buy the latest or most recent looks.

When purchasing online, the buyer can enjoy shipping to almost any part of the world, plus the firm's unconditional guarantee applies. Because the Tony Bianco team is so sure that buyers will be completely satisfied with their purchases, they give an unconditional return policy within the first thirty days of purchase. This is a no-questions-asked policy.

Quality and Timeliness

Quite often, buyers can find trendy shoes that are affordable and yet they are not really made to last. Even some of the world's most exclusive labels end up being less than dependable because of the manufacturer's rush to get them into the marketplace. This, however, is not something that the buyers of Tony Bianco footwear have ever had to worry about.

The company's mission or core principle is to ensure that finely detailed and quality made products make their way hastily to the marketplace. This allows buyers to get the latest looks of the day, but without compromising on quality.

Additionally, the company has always placed an emphasis on the use of premium materials. As an example, their summer sandals known as Eilya are made with high quality leather uppers, hand stitching, and a solid wooden platform that combine to deliver years of wear while also delivering a tremendous amount of style.

Any of the products produced and marketed by Tony Bianco will meet such quality standards, as well as being attractive and on trend.

For more than forty years the shoes and boots available from Tony Bianco have satisfied the needs of fashionistas, as well as the budget minded. Good looks, top of the line materials, quality craftsmanship and an impressive satisfaction guarantee have all played a part in making this brand a fashion staple. Its current catalog is packed with the top looks, and new styles are always available for pre-order.

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